Sophia Loren Is Super Wise — Here Are 8 Quotes To Live By

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She’s a true icon in the film industry. Sophia Loren is one of the few surviving stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood era, with a career spanning more than 70 years –- with no sign of stopping — and plenty of famous quotes passed on along the way.

Sophia Loren’s stardom is only solidified by the fact that there is an entire documentary, What Would Sophia Loren Do?, chronicling one  woman’s love of the actress. But the woman in the documentary is the vast majority of us. Sophia Loren, for the past 70 years, has imparted plenty of wisdom on the world, and I’ve taken these quotes with me throughout my life. Hopefully they give you a little inspiration, too.


“Confidence = beauty.”

“Don’t dwell on mistakes.”

“Don’t ignore the past.”

“Believing in yourself will get you anywhere.”

“Take accountability, then try again.”

“Love the people around you.”

“Anti-aging has nothing to do with skincare.”


What Sophia Loren quotes speak most to you? Did I miss one? Share in the comments!

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