Rocking Outerwear To Step Up Your 9-5 Wardrobe

Every season I like to give my workwear wardrobe a little refresh by adding a few new pieces or finding new ways to wear some pieces that have started to feel stale. This season I am focusing on outerwear for the office. Whether you work in an office that’s overly air conditioned (what is it with that?) or you live in a colder climate where outerwear is a necessity, here are some updates for your workdays.


workwear outerwear
houndstooth jacket

1. Patterned Jacket

I’m starting with something that is a professional wardrobe staple- the black sheath dress. Every office working woman owns one. And I’m making it feel new by topping it with this houndstooth belted jacket from Greylin (similar piece here). The houndstooth pattern is a fresh take on the plaid trend and feels classic and elegant plus it’s super versatile- you could pair this with black jeans and a white tee for the weekend and throw on sneakers and it would look just as appropriate. I love a two-fer piece!

skirt suit

2. Textured Skirt Suit

Next we have the classic skirt suit in black tweed. I think every girl needs a classic boxy tweed jacket, like this one from Chanel. Paired with the matching skirt, it’s the ultimate of ultimate power suits. It doesn’t get more BAM than this combo. But on it’s own, it ramps up any basic dress, skirt, or even jeans and takes them to a whole other level. I paired the skirt suit with this power bow blouse from Bardot for even more oomph. This is your presentation outfit, the job interview outfit, the “that promotion is MINE” outfit.

casual friday

3. Casual Friday Blazer

And last I wanted to bring you a casual Friday look. Casual office days are, to me, the most difficult to dress for because the lines become so blurry and it’s easy to get it wrong and look unprofessional. Are jeans ok? I think so if there is NO fraying or distressing and they are a trouser type cut- these Madewell white jeans are kind of skirting the line on that. I paired them with a striped boatneck top from J. Crew and the most amazing Italian wool navy blazer from Officine Generale. It’s casual but still very put together, nothing sloppy going on here.

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