Inspirational Beauty Discoveries to Pamper Yourself during Quarantine

So with all the extra time at home the last few weeks, I’ve finally been able to try a lot of the beauty items I’ve had stacking up over the last few months. Even more than that, I’ve ordered several new things online which I’ve heard of and been wanting to try. This quarantine has been really wonderful for my procrastination problem, that is for sure. So I thought I would break down a few of my favorite finds so far for you guys and let you in on some of the new beauty secrets I’ve discovered while stuck in quarantine!

quarantine beauty finds
eye serum

1. Sudden Change Under-Eye Serum

This product isn’t so much a serum as a liquid form of those eye patch things which are so amazing and popular. I love those for before a big event or night out or basically anything where I know I’m going to be photographed. One area where I think I show my age is under my eyes, when I laugh or smile I have crinkly lines that I can’t really do anything about. This “serum” takes a bit of practice to apply properly, but once you get the hang of it, it’s honestly a game changer. One TINY drop under each eye and the skin almost immediately pulls tight and looks years younger like freaking magic. That’s the key, just a single drop- any more and it flakes and peels. I apply it before my makeup but you can also mix it with your under eye foundation or concealer.

2. Eyelure Volume False Lashes

My eyelash extensions are gone baby, gone. And my natural lashes are blonde, so invisible and my upper lashes are actually shorter naturally than my lower lashes which is nature’s cruel joke on me. So I wear false lashes because otherwise I just look sad and kind of sickly. These volume lashes from Eyelure are my first favorite. They are super easy and very natural looking but my favorite part is the included adhesive, it’s the best one I’ve found. I save it and use it to apply all my lashes. It lasts all day, but peels off super easy at night and doesn’t leave a gummy residue. For these lashes, I use scissors and clip off one section at either end to make them fit my eyes better, then apply a thin layer of adhesive to the strip, blow on it for 10 seconds, and place along my lid/lash line. I re-use the same pair for days and days and they hold up really, really well.

3. Ardell Demi Wispies False Lashes

These lashes are the ones I think look the most flattering, they are wispy and tapered so they make your eye appear larger and give you the tiniest hint of a cat eye. Since I don’t really wear eye makeup and never wear eye liner, I appreciate the effect. These Ardell Wispies are a little more dramatic and a bit pricier then the Eyelure ones above, so maybe more suited for a fuller makeup look or evening, but can still be worn everyday.

4. Too Faced Lip Injection Plumper

We are all missing our dermatologists and our medspas, am I right? This lip gloss is definitely no comparison to actual lip injections, nothing over the counter will ever compare. But I love the feel of this gloss and the way my lips instantly brighten and plump- usually with these “plumping” glosses I honestly can’t tell any difference. I think they put like some kind of numbing or tingling ingredient and it makes you imagine there’s an effect when there isn’t, but this one I can visually see more definition in my lip line (you over 40 girls, you know what I am talking about) and it gives my lips a nice warm rosy glow- even the clear version. I’ve already ordered several more of these, even though they are pricey for lip glosses.



5. Barefoot Blonde Classic Hair Extensions

I wear hair extensions, the tape in kind from Hot Headz, but going to a salon isn’t an option right now. Over time the tape bond is degraded by the oils in your natural hair, in products you use and the environment etc and becomes loose. I’ve already lost a few extensions and the rest are getting pretty loose so I’ve been looking at my options if this quarantine goes on for longer than another couple weeks. I love Amber Fillerup and follow her hair tutorials using her extensions line so I ordered one of her color matching kits and found the match for my hair color (beige blonde) and ordered two sets of extensions- the classic which is almost an exact match for my regular tape-ins and the BFB Up which is meant for when you wear your hair up in a ponytail or bun. I’m so excited to get them and try out a bunch of hairstyles which are hard to wear with tape ins. Maybe I’ll be a convert to clip-in extensions after this, who knows?

6. Lancôme Nutrix Royal Mains Intense Nourishing & Restoring Hand Cream

To be honest I am not sure where I got this, probably a gift of some sort but it was in my beauty drawer and I had never really used it. Cue all this quarantine hand washing and my digits were looking pretty sad and dry. I also have hands that look older than the rest of me, sadly… so I tried this pricey hand creme and I am really impressed! I don’t use lotions a lot because my skin gets itchy from most fragrances and additives but this hand cream did not have that effect, it left my hands really soft and moisturized and they looked plump (in a good way) and felt nourished. I really liked this and would splurge and buy it again, especially for trips to cold climates when your hands always get dry and cracked.

foreo device

 7. Foreo LUNA 3 Facial Cleansing & Firming Massage Device

I think I have mentioned this device here before, I recently bought it because it was on sale at Saks and I thought it was worth trying. I used to use a Clarisonic brush to clean my face but it was too harsh on my thin skin and this looked a little less aggressive. I really like how thoroughly it cleans my face and the vibration seems to ramp up the action of whatever cleanser I put on it and create a great foaming action. So far, I’m really happy with this and I’ve been using it everyday.

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