October 26, 2021

Podcast Episode #24- Gaslighting

Episode 24: Show Notes

Today we are tackling a bit of a heavier topic, as we look at the important subject of gaslighting. Gaslighting is a term that has gained more and more use in recent years and is now a mainstream idea that can be very useful in dealing with toxic behavior in a variety of relationships. In today’s chat, we will be unpacking exactly what it is, how to know if it is happening to you, and what you can do about it! Most people will have experienced some form of gaslighting in their life, and if you think you haven’t, you might want to listen to this episode! In our conversation, we look at some personal examples from our lives that exemplify what we are talking about, ways we have improved our tools for dealing with difficulties and troubled waters, and how to respect others’ boundaries while doing what you need to do in order to exercise self-care. We also get into the roots of the word ‘gaslight’, the play that helped coin the term, and why there is cause for hope as things evolve over time. So to hear it all and join the conversation, listen in with us today!

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Are You A Victim Of Gaslighting? Watch Out For These Phrases

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A quick definition of gaslighting and what exactly the term refers to.  

  • Examples of personal experiences of gaslighting from our younger years. 

  • The subtle way that gaslighting can creep into a relationship unnoticed. 

  • Looking at the professional dimension to the discussion and how it can impact people’s careers. 

  • The origins of the term and the different techniques that it encompasses. 

  • Why clear communication from the beginning can help avoid problems later on.

  • A better way to fix issues in relationships; assuming good intentions! 

  • Unpacking some important connected concepts; blocking, diverting, trivializing, and denial. 

  • Lessons in mutual respect and understanding other people’s traumas and triggers.

  • How to identify if someone is gaslighting you; second-guessing, indecision, and questioning. 

  • Some recommendations for tools and strategies to deal with gaslighting.  

  • Having the difficult conversations and confronting the problems you are experiencing. 

  • Maintaining your most important relationship: the one with yourself! 

  • How things are shifting and new generational values that are developing. 


“Gaslighting is a psychology term and it basically refers to a very specific type of manipulation where people make you doubt your own memory, make you doubt your recollection of events, or question your reality.” — Kelly Castillo [0:01:30]

“Explaining our feelings and being open about them is a new concept to us as humans.” — Kelly Castillo [0:05:01]

“Any kind of abusive dynamic usually starts out small and progresses into becoming a very dangerous situation.” — Megan Block [0:09:39]

“I think gaslighting is mostly about power, control. I guess that’s where most abuse comes from.” — Megan Block [0:09:51]

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