December 6, 2021

Podcast Episode #29- Embracing Jealousy

Episode 29: Show Notes

Today’s topic is something that will likely resonate with all listeners; the green-eyed monster otherwise known as jealousy! If we’re jealous of someone else’s life, it must mean we aren’t grateful for our own, right? But jealousy can actually be a positive emotion and an opportunity to shift our perspective. Rather than letting it control you, you can work with it to propel yourself forward, which is what we’re discussing in today’s episode! Tuning in, you’ll hear Kelly and Megan’s perspective on how social media fuels jealousy and how you can benefit from leaning into those feelings and utilizing them as opportunities for personal growth. We discuss the value of self-reflection, the fine line between sharing your successes and being sensitive toward friends and loved ones, and how deciding what is most important to you can help you overcome those creeping feelings of envy. We also touch on prioritizing memorable moments over material things, why it’s essential that you forgive yourself for feeling jealous (it’s natural!), and the surprising benefits that might come from reaching out to those you’re most envious of for advice. Join us today to learn all this and more about going from jealous to zealous!

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Embracing Jealousy: Why You Need To Befriend That Green-Eyed Monster

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why jealousy has a bad reputation as one of the seven deadly sins; envy.

  • How social media fuels jealousy; be wary of the ‘highlight reels’!

  • The benefits of leaning into feelings of envy and using them as opportunities for growth.

  • Using the film, Bridesmaids, as an example of jealousy between friends.

  • Understanding that growth always requires self-reflection and some level of discomfort.

  • How jealousy often rears its head on a weight loss journey or in times of financial stress.

  • Why it’s important to remember that everyone has their own struggles; no one is perfect!

  • The fine line that exists between sharing your success and being sensitive toward others.

  • Kelly and Megan reflect on how jealousy tends to come up around the holidays.

  • Finding what works for you by letting go of the things that don’t.

  • Kelly shares one of her biggest jealousy triggers on social media: ‘cleanfluencers’.

  • The importance of giving yourself grace when your house doesn’t look like Marie Kondo’s.

  • How staying grounded and deciding what is most important can help you overcome envy.

  • Megan emphasizes the value of prioritizing memorable moments over material things.

  • Kelly reminds us to forgive ourselves for feeling jealous; it’s completely natural!

  • Why someone achieving their goal doesn’t diminish the chances of you achieving yours.

  • No one has accidental success; try reaching out to those you are envious of for advice.

  • The humbling aspect of asking for help that contributes to your personal growth.

  • The importance of seeking professional mental health support if necessary.


“Nobody’s life is perfect. Everybody’s life has challenges. It’s easy to forget that when all we see are the very positive things they are celebrating on the internet.” — Megan Block [0:05:26]

“A lot of times, the feelings that we have that are based in jealousy or envy are our inner selves trying to talk to us and tell us maybe an area of our life that we haven’t even acknowledged to ourselves that we’re unhappy with.” — Kelly Castillo [0:07:40]

“Even though losing a ton of weight or getting to a certain level fo career success is incredibly hard, the hardest thing is working on yourself and being honest with yourself about what aspects of your life aren’t making you happy.” — Kelly Castillo [0:16:57]

“Jealousy only goes so far when you’ve [grounded yourself] and decided what is truly important to you.” — Megan Block [0:35:37]

“When you ask other people how they did that, how they achieved that, how they got there, it’s just more knowledge that you have because they might have access to things that you’ve never heard of before.” — Kelly Castillo [0:47:05]

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‘Embracing Jealousy: Why You Need To Befriend That Green-Eyed Monster’


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