April 18, 2022

Podcast Episode #45 – Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Episode 45: Show Notes

With Earth Day coming up, and the scary weather parts of the USA are experiencing at the moment, there has been a shift in awareness about the importance of helping the planet. Join us today as we break down the simplest ways that you can modify your diet to reduce your carbon footprint! We start the episode with a celebration of Megan’s birthday, and how Kelly taught her to appreciate the special day. We move on to the idea of Earth Day, and how it inspired Kelly and Megan to start the conversation about reducing your carbon footprint. For most of us, thinking beyond our immediate family to include the planet is a challenge, but with today’s simple tips, you can make small changes that have a big impact. From eating less red meat and dairy to meal-prepping to eating local and seasonal, even making just one of these changes will help Mother Earth. We hear the small changes Kelly and Megan have made in their own lives, and the challenges they have faced along the way. So, for an inspiring discussion about how to make reducing your carbon footprint fun and sustainable, tune in today!


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Celebrating birthdays: how Kelly taught Megan to enjoy the special day!

  • How Earth Day prompted today’s topic. 

  • The small changes that Kelly made to help the planet, and why it’s hard for most people to think about the planet as a whole.

  • Eating less red meat: the first of today’s tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint. 

  • How the texture of certain foods can affect your desire to eat them. 

  • Why cutting out one red meat meal a week can help the planet. 

  • How to reduce your dairy product intake, and why Kelly and Megan don’t like dairy-free ice cream.

  • Tip number three to save the planet: reducing your food waste, and how to do this!

  • Why preparation is key in all aspects of life. 

  • The fourth way to cut down on your carbon footprint: not using single-use plastic. 

  • Kelly’s experience reusing food containers as a kid, and the better solutions available now. 

  • Why it’s important to regularly go through your fridge and pantry to assess your food waste. 

  • Why avoiding the middle of the grocery store is good for your health and the environment.

  • Considering the transport and cooking processes involved in the groceries you are buying.

  • The idea of food miles: why eating seasonally and locally is great for the environment. 

  • How pesticides and fungicides add to the carbon footprint, and why avoiding them is also good for your health. 

  • Today’s final tip: growing your own food!

  • The movement away from grass lawns, and changing up your garden to help the environment.

  • How to make a bee-friendly water bowl.

  • The importance of setting goals that you can achieve, and committing to Earth Day as a day for change. 


“Like all the things that we talk about on this podcast, the more alert and awake we are to things, the more we want to do something about it, instead of just sit on it.” — Megan Block [0:03:06]

“The agriculture industry of livestock farming contributes about 15% to 18% of all of the greenhouse gas emissions of the world. So, that’s a pretty big number.” — Kelly Castillo [0:06:58]

“Here’s the other thing, you have to be realistic. If you don’t have more than 20 minutes to prepare a meal every night and you’re going out and buying something that’s going to take 40 minutes to prepare, it’s probably going to go to waste.” — Megan Block [0:22:41]

“There’s something to preparing. I feel like no matter what we talk about, no matter the subject of our podcast, it always comes down to preparation is key.” — Megan Block [0:26:18]

“Life is what you make it.” — Megan Block [0:46:51]

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