August 9, 2021

Podcast Episode #14: How to Organize Your Computer and Phone Backgrounds

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Most of us spend a great deal of time in front of screens as part of our daily lives. Although we cannot control all of what we consume on the internet and social media, there are small ways we can make more positive changes when we look at our screens. Recently, Kelly saw a TikTok that inspired her to reorganize and rearrange her phone and computer backgrounds. In today’s episode, we hear about the benefits of putting all of your apps into folders that have affirmations as labels. If, like Kelly and Megan, you feel a bit silly saying affirmations out loud, having them on your phone is a great reminder for you to step back and see just how blessed you are. Day-to-day life can get stressful, and we may have picked up bad habits we are not aware of, which is why it is important to pause and reflect now and then. We also hear about how Kelly rearranged her desktop to reduce her stress and get her mind clear. While it might seem that taking time out to put a system in place is not worth it, if it is ultimately going to streamline your daily life, then go for it! We all want our minds and spaces to be clutter-free, so we can show up as the best versions of ourselves, so why not start with something as simple as your phone and computer?

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Our Favorite Canva Desktop Backgrounds Will Make Your Laptop A Productive Space

Key Points From This Episode:

  • When you are juggling many things, anything that aids productivity is helpful. 

  • How Kelly and Megan approach organization and their love of labeling. 

  • Details about the viral iPhone organization TikTok. 

  • How Kelly has changed her app categorization on her phone. 

  • Benefits Kelly has already seen using affirmations as folder names. 

  • Using affirmations on your phone or computer folders is great if you don’t feel comfortable saying them out loud. 

  • How Kelly recently rearranged her desktop using Canva. 

  • Color theory and what different colors mean to us. 

  • It is ok to take some time to organize something if it’s going to save you time later. 

  • One good habit can snowball into another and spark bigger change. 

  • The buffer that Kelly added to her wake-up time when her kids were younger. 

  • There are small moments in the day that you can reclaim for yourself. 

  • When you have good systems in place, you can make time for doing things that nourish you. 

  • Do not try to fix everything at once; baby steps add up! 

  • What to do if you live with people who you do not respect your organizational system. 

  • You have to know what works for you when it comes to organizing your life.


“Renaming the folders has been definitely a reminder to be grateful for what I have, and to be a little more intentional when I’m scrolling on my phone. I’m definitely more intentional.” — Kelly Castillo [0:15:41]

“I know that it’s not in my soul to do affirmations, but I do want to apply it, so this is perfect.” — Megan Block [0:18:54]

“We can’t control sometimes what we see when we’re on the Internet, or on social media, or whatever. We can control what the layout looks like, and how are minds are receiving that information.” — Megan Block [0:22:16]

“Maybe fixing your desktop, or your iPhone page will not fix everything, but it’s certainly there to help you and it might help some.” — Megan Block [0:43:40]

“Sometimes we don’t recognize how affected we are by our environment, until the environment changes.” — Kelly Castillo [0:52:58]

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[00:00:01] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to She’s A Full On Monet, a digital lifestyle magazine for women. Every week, our Editor-In-Chief, Kelly Castillo, along with Megan Black and special guests, participate in a deep-dive discussion about recent articles and topics we have covered. We invite you to become part of our community, where everyone’s welcome.




[00:00:27] KC: Hey, guys. Welcome back. This is She’s A Full On Monet. I’m your host, Kelly. I’m here as always with Megan.


[00:00:32] MB: Hello, hello.


[00:00:34] KC: Hello. This week, we’re going to do things a little bit differently. We’re going to talk about a subject that it was a new concept to me, but something I’ve fully embraced, since I heard about it. Hopefully, it’s something that we figured out how to explain over verbal, rather than the visual.


[00:00:53] MB: We’ll do our very best.


[00:00:56] KC: We are talking today about how to organize your backgrounds for your desktop, computer, laptop, iPhone, all of it, basically. This is something that I first heard about on TikTok, actually. I thought it was a really cool idea. I basically, immediately changed my homescreen on my iPhone. It took me a little longer to do the background on my work computer, my desktop computer, just because I’m not as familiar with using some of the systems. I don’t think I’m super great at the technology. It took me a little bit, but now it looks really nice. I’m actually really happy every time I open my computer.


[00:01:34] MB: I know your personality. If it works within your life and further encourages organization, or just some brain calm, all for it.


[00:01:47] KC: I strive to be an organized person, but it doesn’t really come naturally to me. I have to actually work at it every day, because my life is super chaotic. I have a lot of juggling balls up in the air. I’ve got a lot of businesses and different tasks that I do every day, that are a mixed bag. I wear a lot of hats. It’s hard for me to be super organized. I’m just not naturally super organized. You’re way more organized naturally than me, I feel like.


[00:02:14] MB: Well, my mom was really organized. I got it from her. I also picked up some stuff from you. I mean, goodness sakes, like what we’re talking about today. Remember, it was at the day designer?


[00:02:26] KC: Oh, yeah, yeah.


[00:02:26] MB: I like plug, but that thing. It’s a book where you can write down your day to-do lists, but there’s also a specific area to write what’s for dinner and stuff like that. That spoke to me when I saw yours, because I can’t write everything in one block, because then that actually bothers me. I want a spot to put what’s for dinner, because I don’t feel it belongs there. When I find an organizational tool, whatever it may be, technology, non-technology that further helps my brain feel less a cluster, I’m all for those things, because I feel I have to do it all. I feel everyone feels that way, like we have to do it all.


We know it’s impossible. We know when we set up our to-do list for the day and we think about it. We’re like, that’s not even possible for a superhero to do. Yet, we do it anyway, right? If we can be organized and get say, 60% of it done at the best possible way we can do it, it just helps. Anything that’s organizational, or helps your brain feel less stressed out when it sees it, for me, when I have too many apps, or too many things going on in my phone, or my desktop, it bothers me.


Or, when I have to use someone else’s phone for something, and I see that their – my husband’s phone is – I don’t even know how he finds anything. It’s just page after page after page of nonsense. I’m like, “Where’s the organization?” It’s not important to him. I don’t know how he gets by. I’m very much like you, and I’ve learned techniques through things that you’ve applied and things you’ve done, because we can’t do it all. We need as much help as we can get.


Anything that’s going to add to the stress of thinking about what we need to get done, if you need to find something on your desktop, or your phone and it’s not organized properly, then it’s just going to frustrate you.


[00:04:12] KC: Well, I know for myself, I resist setting up organizational systems, because I don’t think they’re the most productive use of my time. It’s not something that’s going to get my to-do list on that day, so I tend to put it on the backburner. Once I take the time and do it, I realize that everything is streamlined after that point. I asked myself like, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” I mean, I’ve spent time that I thought, not was wasted time, but not super productive time to label all of the bins in my medicine cabinet and things like that. Then I think, okay, this is over the top. Then, when I go to look for something, and I immediately see where it is without having to move everything around and –


[00:04:53] MB: Is it the weirdest thing? I’m the same way, but I never once ever think this is over the top. I’m labeling everything. I’m like, “Finally. Yes.” I finally keep and got a label maker, and I label all the things. Then, it’s frustrating, because I label things like toys and no one respects the labels. I’m like, this is Barbie clothes, and there’s other things in here do not read the label and they’re like, “Oh, what? What label?” It’s this big. I’m like, “Dude, there is – whatever.” I love it. I don’t think it’s over the top. I think it’s super helpful.


[00:05:24] KC: No, it is. It’s a mental block for me, I think. Yeah. Once I do it, I’m so happy that I – I just did in my laundry room, we have guestrooms that our queen beds. My daughter’s room is a full bed. The guest apartment is a king bed, and then our bed is a California King. We’ve lots of different sizes of beds throughout the house. I have some of those roll-away beds that are twins. I have all these sheets that are extra sheets for everybody’s beds in the laundry room. I was trying to make one of the guestroom beds, and every sheet I grabbed was the wrong size.


[00:05:57] MB: Oh, it’s frustrating.


[00:05:58] KC: I would go and try to put the sheet on in the corners, and I would get – I was so frustrated, I ran and grabbed my label maker and I spent an hour, and I separated all the sheets by size, and then I refolded them and I put labels on the shelves. Queen sheets, Queen pillowcases and then full – It’s organized now. As long as I keep up with putting them away in the right spot, I will never have that problem again.


[00:06:22] MB: As long as everyone respects the system, right? Same thing. Yeah. It’s super, super helpful. How’s your pantry and your fridge? I see stuff on TikTok and stuff like that, or whatever. I’m like, put the clear bins and everything’s [inaudible 00:06:38]. I’m like, “Oh.”


[00:06:40] KC: My pantry is honestly, pretty immaculate right now. We did a container store run, recently.


[00:06:45] MB: Really? Oh. I live for this stuff.


[00:06:47] KC: Everything is in bins and labeled. Even those little snacks and stuff are in baskets.


[00:06:54] MB: I love that.


[00:06:55] KC: It doesn’t look cluttery.


[00:06:57] MB: I think, it’s super, super nice-looking. That’s stuff I like. As I’m doing it, I love doing. It’s just like –


[00:07:06] KC: I get a weird satisfaction. Every Monday is the day that I go grocery shopping, and I also use that time to clean out the fridges. Because I clean them out as I’m making my grocery list. I throw away everything that’s expired, or leftovers from last week, whatever it is. Then I move the most soonest expiration date to the front and I put the new stuff in the back.


[00:07:26] MB: Wow. You’ve really gotten a system down with that. That’s smart.


[00:07:30] KC: Yeah. It makes me feel –


[00:07:31] MB: Food’s not going bad, and you’re not buying too much of something.


[00:07:35] KC: Yeah. Well, a few years ago, Alex had grabbed, I think, it was a chia juice, like a Mama Chia’s juice out of the fridge and it had expired and he didn’t read. He’s a man. He didn’t read the expiration, and he just drink it. He got really sick.


[00:07:50] MB: Oh, no.


[00:07:51] KC: Yeah. Because of his health issues, I’m so careful with him to not get sick. Now, I’m militant about expiration dates and checking everything once a week. It’s just the time. I feel so satisfied when it’s done. I look at the fridge and I’m just bliss, to have it all organized, and I know exactly what we have of everything. It makes me feel good. Makes me happy.


[00:08:15] MB: Yeah. That’s the one thing that I will always forever keep up and place – My in-laws don’t do it. My dad doesn’t do it, and they don’t check the expiration dates ever on anything. Once a week is great. I used to do it every other week. I think once a week is even better, because things – the weirdest things go bad fast. You throwing away a lot. The fridge looks crazy amazing once you’re done doing that tool. We’re so getting off topic, but it’s still on the topic of organization.


[00:08:43] KC: It’s on the topic of organization.


[00:08:45] MB: All good things –


[00:08:46] KC: Did you see? There’s been a series of TikToks about this subject, but the one that sparked the whole thing was the TikTok about organizing your iPhone folders.


[00:08:54] MB: I’ve seen different versions of it. I haven’t seen the specific one. I’m loving it, because – I mean, my current iPhone situation, I have them in folders, labeled folders, because I do have a lot of apps. Even that doesn’t feel – I feel like I could do better.


[00:09:10] KC: Yeah. I have a ton of apps. I never liked having them in folders, because I liked being able to click on them with one click and not have to go into a folder. I used to have them grouped on my phone by color, which to me made a lot of sense. My phone looked like a little rainbow and it was pretty.


I recently saw that TikTok, where the lady had reorganized her phone and she had used affirmations as the name of the folders. As soon as I saw that, I redid my iPhone. Basically, what you do is you group the apps by category and then the name of the folder, rather than – I used to have names on my folder, like health, lifestyle, banking.


[00:09:50] MB: Videos [inaudible 00:09:51].


[00:09:52] KC: Yeah. Now I’ve changed them to affirmations. All my banking apps, for example, I have my Wells Fargo Bank app and my Venmo and PayPal. Anything financially related, I have my Charles Schwab, or what, I don’t know, they’re in a folder and it used to be called banking. Now, it’s called, ‘I am wealthy’. Then I have everything health related; my sleep tracker, my Apple Watch health, all my little seven-minute yoga, whatever apps I have are in that and it’s ‘I’m healthy’. Then I have all my photo editing apps and things that I – not games, but little apps, where you can do stuff on your phone or under ‘I am creative’.


Then I have all my home, because we have a smart home, so all of my – my home is all controlled with apps for the gates, for the lights, for the theater, everything. That’s all I am sheltered. You get the idea. All of the different –


[00:10:48] MB: Yeah. It’s not so far-fetched to where you’re searching for – I don’t know if this is under this, because it’s obvious, but it’s still giving you that positive affirmation when you read it and you hit it.


[00:11:00] KC: That’s the thing. What I realized, like all my social media apps are in a folder, and it says, ‘I am connected’. Those are probably what I open the most. It’s impossible for me to go into that folder, without reading the affirmation at the bottom. Every time I open it, I read ‘I am connected’. I mean, it sounds really silly, but honestly –


[00:11:22] MB: Of course. It always does. Affirmations in general, to people, sound silly at first, because –


[00:11:27] KC: What it does to me is that when I’m opening the social media app, my intention and my mindset just shifted a tiny bit. Instead of opening it up to mindlessly scroll, or to think negatively, compare myself to others, whatever it is, I’m thinking, I am connected, as I open it. It’s just a very small mental change in the way that you – even in the background of your thoughts, maybe. I have already noticed a difference. When I’m opening up the health app, and it says, ‘I am healthy’, I don’t know. It’s like a little boost. I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it. I thought, okay, I’m going to do this, because I think it looks cool, but I really don’t think I’m going to get any benefit from it. I’m really not a heavy follower of affirmations and motivational talk.


[00:12:13] MB: It’s like, taking action and trying to make things look prettier. It’s like, yeah. It’s the same thing. Banking, I am wealthy, it’s the same thing. Oh, my goodness. Cursive is prettier than just regular Times New Roman. You can say the same thing, but also, completely shift ever so slightly, the way your brain is processing it. That can totally seep into other parts of your day.


[00:12:39] KC: Yeah. It seems like it has.


[00:12:40] MB: That’s great. You’ve done it and applied it and you already have results from it that you can honestly express.


[00:12:47] KC: Yeah, I probably did that two weeks ago. I thought, I will immediately stop even noticing these affirmations and not register them anymore, like you do with anything. That’s normal. That hasn’t happened.


[00:13:00] MB: Oh, neat.


[00:13:01] KC: Yeah. Okay, all my shopping apps, like I have Amazon, I have, I don’t know, Nordstrom, Sat, whatever. They’re all in one. The affirmation for that is ‘I have plenty’. My mind, when I’m having a really bad habit of late-night shopping, because I’m bored.


[00:13:17] MB: No, I love that affirmation. You have plenty.


[00:13:21] KC: I don’t need anything. It has changed my outlook a little bit, because sometimes you click through and they’re having a sale, and oh, that’s a really good price. Even though you don’t need it, that little voice in the back of my head saying, “I have plenty,” before I open it, just has shifted a little bit of my mindset. It does remind me, I’m so blessed. I have more than enough. When I open the ‘I am sheltered’, if something – Sometimes someone’s ringing the doorbell and I don’t know what it is about the bell on our gate, but people – because you can’t hear it. You push it and you – They push it. Then within half a second, push it again. Push it again, and they’re saying they’re pushing. It’s going off in the house and on my phone. The dogs are going nuts. I’m like, “People, one time is plenty.”


[00:14:07] MB: There’s got to be a way to fix this. Because I’ve been to homes like that too and I’m like, is it – You don’t know if it’s broken, or if you’re deaf, or you personally didn’t hear it.


[00:14:17] KC: Yeah. Some people aren’t sure if it’s even a bell, or is it an intercom? How does this work?


[00:14:24] MB: It’s a little confusing.


[00:14:25] KC: Sometimes, I’m opening the app, and I’m annoyed.


[00:14:30] MB: Yeah. Sometimes, you’re not always opening apps, people aren’t always opening with banking sometimes, they’re not always opening it with the happiest of mindset. You can say banking, because you’re already in a bad mindset. Or you can say, “I am wealthy.” Honestly, if there’s 53 cents in the account, you remind yourself what you’re wealthy of.


[00:14:48] KC: Right. Yeah, when I titled it, ‘I am wealthy’, by no means is that a flex. It’s more like –


[00:14:56] MB: It’s a remembrance that that’s not where your wealth comes from.


[00:14:59] KC: Right. Also, and that how – the abundance that we, as privileged people live with every day, that there are lots of people around the world that our version of struggle, it would be their version of incredible blessings.


[00:15:14] MB: A 1000%.


[00:15:16] KC: Yeah. It’s just a little reminder of that you’re blessed, and that you have more than enough, and that I am sheltered. Yeah, it’s annoying that someone’s ringing my gate 20 times. At the same time, I have a roof over my head, and I have the security. It is a little bit of a gratitude reminder for me. I don’t know that I intended that when I – I just thought it looked pretty. It has been definitely a reminder to be grateful for what I have, and to be a little more intentional when I’m scrolling on my phone. I’m definitely more intentional.


That just makes me happy. It’s been about two weeks now. I haven’t stopped looking at them, or not noticing them anymore. I think for me, it was a very positive change; a very simple change to make and very positive. I’m really happy with it. That’s definitely the first aspect of what we wanted to talk about, but we’re also going to be talking about computer organization today, too. Is that something that you would do on your phone? Do you think you would benefit from it?


[00:16:14] MB: I totally want to try it, because I mean, you are actively looking for words that are what you’re looking for. Say, you’re looking for a banking app, you are looking for something that’s financial, or banking, so you’ve grouped folders together. Right now, I have them as work, banking, photography, videos. To me that seems, if it’s not going to have me further confused on where something is, it’s got to be in the ballpark.


When you put home, shelter, those terms mean the same thing. When you know you’re looking for a home app, you know it’s going to be there. Yeah, I’m totally going to apply that. Just because I feel like it’s perfect for someone who feels really funky about saying affirmations out loud. I know we’ve talked about that in the past.


[00:16:57] KC: Etsy.


[00:16:57] MB: Yeah, me too. I totally feel like, this is the way to still apply them to your life and still try them out and still give them a go, without having to fully give them a go.


[00:17:12] KC: Yeah. I’m not the type of person –


[00:17:12] MB: You’re not reading them out loud. You’re not like, “I am wealthy.” No. You’re reading it subconsciously and saying – and reading it internally.


[00:17:20] KC: Yeah. I’m never going to stand in front of the mirror and tell myself how amazing I am and I can do anything and I’m an amazing person. I just would feel silly. I would be back-talking myself in my head. I know myself. This has nothing to do with me talking to myself. I’m literally, my eyes can’t help but read it when I open it up, and it just gives me a little tiny, positive boost.


[00:17:46] MB: Yeah. I’m going to be real honest. This is as affirmations as this person’s going to get, I feel like that’s fine. Because I look at – Also truth, I also look at my phone a lot. Reading these affirmations might happen throughout the day, a couple times in different areas. Like, I’m very guilty of going on my phone and mindlessly not connecting through social media. If it says, ‘I’m connected,’ maybe I’ll go into my social media apps on my off time when I’m not working and look at those things from a different lens.


Instead of mindlessly scrolling, I might actually go in and connect and comment, rather than mindlessly scroll. I check, like I said, my social apps often throughout the day. It’s a good affirmation program for me, who’s not going to be like you, like you said, talking in the mirror and talking myself up ever. I still feel there is such a good solid purpose. I still want to have affirmations. I’m just like, I don’t know, I feel when you get to your 30s, you’re like, “I’m pretty solid and know who I am. I know that I’ll do this once for you all, but I’m not going to do it the next day.” I know that it’s not in my soul to do affirmations, but I do want to apply it, so this is perfect.


[00:18:57] KC: Yeah. I think, if affirmations had really been a thing when I was in my early 20s, I could have really benefited from them. I don’t remember anybody even mentioning them, or talking about them, or that it was even a thing.


[00:19:07] MB: I like to read them. I’ll totally go on Pinterest and look up quotes that are positive, and get my head in a good mindset and affirm myself through other really great words. I’m never one to look in the mirror, or even say things to myself out loud. Hats off to the people that do it. It’s just like, it’s not my personality type. This is so subtle, but still as you can attest to, is still productive.


[00:19:38] KC: Yes, I agree. I think, in a very small way, it has changed some of the decisions that I make. Like the I am connected with my social. I have all of my restaurant apps and food apps under ‘I am nourished’. Reading that before I – maybe I’m opening Open Table and I’m really thinking, “Oh, my gosh. I really want to go get something very bad for me today.”

[00:20:01] MB: Nourished is a very good choice of words. Because if you put something else, you could be going on those apps for a very different purpose.


[00:20:07] KC: Yeah. In reading it, it plants the seed in my head that I should choose something that nourishes my body, rather than maybe I’ve had a stressful day, and I’m just really wanting a giant bowl of horrible pasta, or something. I don’t know. I don’t know get or anything right now.


[00:20:22] MB: It’s also okay. If you have put in yummy, or I don’t know. There’s other trigger words that could search you in a different direction, when you go to those apps. Or you just scroll and then you see it. You’re going to be like, “Oh, maybe I need that.”


[00:20:38] KC: Yeah. I’m a stress eater. Food is comfort for me. Reading the ‘I am nourished’, just reminds me that the purpose of it is to nourish my body, and not necessarily be an emotional crutch for me. I mean, it’s just a small reminder, but it helps.


[00:20:53] MB: That’s very good. That’s a very good reminder to maybe when you are choosing – if you choose to try this out to be very mindful of how you’re wording it, because the mind reads something and it’s already made the decision before you even processed it.


[00:21:09] KC: Yeah. The affirmations that I chose to use on my folders were my personal decision, and by no means, am I suggesting them to anyone else. I think, you need to even pull up on like you said, Pinterest, a list of affirmations, and choose the ones that will make sense for the folders that you’re making, so you can find your apps. Also, that speaks to you personally, and you think will resonate with you. Because mine would resonate with me, but some people would feel awkward using the same ones. Everybody’s so individual. I think you –


[00:21:39] MB: Yeah. This isn’t a blueprint for what you should do. It’s just a good question. Because we’re in a state now where everyone’s staring at a screen, whether it’s desktop, or most likely, their phone. You might as well take a closer look at what you’re looking at. It’s even the smallest things, like banking, or videos, versus something like, “I’m connected.” You’re going to stare at it most of the time anyway.


We get those reminders every week of how much screen time we’ve used, right? You know how much you’re on it. It might as well serve you and serve your soul and be a place of good. Because we can’t control sometimes what we see when we’re on the Internet, or on social media, or whatever. We can control what the layout looks like, and how are minds are receiving that information.


[00:22:29] KC: Yeah. One of the tips that we’ve shared in a different article was if you’re one of those people who have affirmations don’t sit right with you, and you backtalk them to yourself, or you to spend them negatively, you can change them to something that we called in the article, iffirmations, to say like, what if I’m wealthy? What if I am enough? What if I am creative? That is a little bit less, I don’t want to say aggressive. Affirmations aren’t aggressive, but it’s a little bit more of a soul-searching question, where –


[00:22:59] MB: A statement, or a fact, or whatever.


[00:23:01] KC: Right. Where you feel like you’re –


[00:23:04] MB: I love that whole – like, what if it works out? What if you get – whatever it is, fill in the blank, because it’s so easy to go into that negative mindset. It’s easier to do that, because it’s easier to expect, unfortunately, as we get older, it’s just like, the world works us into thinking it’s probably not going to work out. Our brain just goes into that negative space. You got to like, actually, well, what if you get the job? What if you get the place? What if it works out? What if he ends up calling you? Whatever it is, believe me, if you just ask that question, and it’s like, look, you can’t help, but ask yourself that, or answer it, but from a different mindset.


[00:23:45] KC: Yeah, exactly.


[00:23:46] MB: It’s nice.


[00:23:47] KC: Exactly. The desktop, laptop, computer background, we’re going to talk about that. I just did mine and I did it actually for the research purposes for this article and podcast. I used Canva, which I am not that familiar with. Megan, I know you’re way more familiar with it.


[00:24:07] MB: I see the commercial. Come on. I’m like, “Yeah.” It’s like, I love that. I’m not a guru at it, but man, oh, man, is it so great. I love that. It can do so much. I’ve done media kits on it. I create stories on for Instagram and social media. You can you can create business cards on it. You can do so much on Canva.


[00:24:26] KC: Yeah. The things that you can do on Canva, you used to have to know a publisher. You used to have to know really all the Adobe Suite. Yeah. I mean, you have to be a graphic designer to do this work. Canva makes it really easy. I just did mine. I went to Canva. I have a free account. It wasn’t paid. You don’t have to pay anything for it. I was putting it on my desktop, so I searched desktop wallpaper. There were, I want to say, 80 choices. It was overwhelming.


I decided, there were a lot – They seem to be color specific. I decided that I needed to decide on a color scheme first of what I wanted my computer to be. I don’t have a Mac, because I’m a child in the 80s. They didn’t teach us Macs in computer class when I was a kid. They taught us HTML.


[00:25:21] MB: Right. Almost too much. It’s almost too much awesomeness. I get overwhelmed. I’m like, “Where is the PC?”


[00:25:29] KC: Yeah, I know. I sound so old right now. I love Macs. I wish I was a Mac person, but I probably need to sit down with one of my kids and have them teach me, so that I can try to be the Mac person I dream of.


[00:25:40] MB: It’s like, if you have a grandma, like the newest iPhone. You’re like, you’re using 3% of this thing, which is be on the Mac.


[00:25:45] KC: When I go into the Apple Store, and I see the elderly people that are getting one of those classes on how to use their phone, I’m like, that is so amazing. Go you. I need it, for me, for the actual MacBook. I need it, too, because I know it’s the best possible option, but I have no clue what I’m doing. The kids keep telling me it’s the best, because everything will be integrated, like your phone, your iPad, your computer. I agree, but I need a heavy tutorial.


[00:26:13] MB: We’re all for it, but give us one massive tutorial. I’m sure there are some. You can YouTube anything now.


[00:26:19] KC: Yeah. If anybody my generation remembers when you used to buy a computer and it had a tutorial that opened when you started the computer and it was a paperclip, and it walked you through how to –


[00:26:28] MB: Did you know that paperclip is coming back, though?


[00:26:30] KC: No, I did not.


[00:26:31] MB: Yes. I don’t know where I heard this thing. I want to say, either K-Rock, or on social media. Yeah, Clippy is coming back.


[00:26:38] KC: Okay. I need the Mac version of a paperclip to teach me the ways.


[00:26:43] MB: He’s so helpful.


[00:26:44] KC: Yeah, he is. He never judged you. I love it.


[00:26:47] MB: He’s always there for you. That is really appreciative of Clippy.


[00:26:50] KC: My first step was to choose the color background. I mean, the color scheme that I wanted. I gravitate towards pink. It’s my signature color. I have a lot of pink in my everyday life. I wanted to see – I know, people paint rooms in the doctor’s office and stuff a certain color, because they calm. Then, there’s other colors that are supposed to be motivating.


[00:27:12] MB: Other colors trigger certain things.


[00:27:14] KC: Yeah. I pulled up color theory and some graphs on that and what the different colors mean. I actually printed out, sure I’m going to tell you what the color’s name. Red stands for urgency, action, high energy, which makes sense. Orange is creative and fun, adventurous. Yellow is relaxed, which I feel that with yellow, happy and enthusiastic. I think yellow is are pretty happy color. Yeah, light green is about growth and harmony. I associate green with growth, like plants, or that’s what my head goes.


Dark green is stability and balance. Light blue is productive and wisdom, which I probably need. Royal blue is also calm and relaxed. It also signifies loyalty and honesty. Purple is intuitive and spiritual, which I feel a lot about purple. Pink is playful, and it’s supposed to increase your pulse and your communicate of energy.


[00:28:21] MB: Really?


[00:28:22] KC: Yeah, I didn’t know that. Then browns are warm and stable and comforting. I decided to try something different, since everything in my life is pink. I went for earth tones, like dark green and brown. I’ve only had it for a short time, so I may still change my mind. I don’t know. Once you choose a color, you can pick through. When I checked, there were at some wallpapers available. They’re all different. Some of them have just a motivational quote in the middle. Some of them have a floral wrap around. Some have different spaces. The ones that I was looking for have – it almost looks like a scrapbook page, where it has different spaces for different things.


I chose one where you can group tabs and apps together. I chose one that’s separate. It has palm leaves and a photo on it of a plant. Then, it has different little – they’re like little, almost note cards-looking things on the page. One is for personal, one is for work, one is for important tasks. Then, it has a space where you can put a digital sticky note of things to remember.


[00:29:38] MB: That’s awesome.


[00:29:39] KC: Yeah. That’s the one that I chose. Honestly, there were so many. All the photos and the quotes can be changed out. I hopped over to Pinterest and I was looking at different quotes, I wanted to maybe add. I saved a few things. Different photos I might want to switch it out for. I mean, there’s no end to the personalization.


[00:30:00] MB: You can customize it. That’s the great thing also about Canva, is they make almost everything customizable. They give you great templates, but you can change anything.


[00:30:08] KC: Right. A lot of them had a built-in calendar function. It almost looks like the page of a planner. It’ll have a small calendar, so you can keep track of what day it is in the corner. Then, these different areas, where you would write stuff in, or move your apps and your folders and files and things like that. I’ve recently been working on a huge project here at the house, where I’m digitizing all of my files. I have everything in my computer, or on my Google Drive, basically, for the first time.


I’m still just playing around with putting the folders and the apps in the sections that they apply to. Already, before my desktop wallpaper was whatever the computer came with, I think it was a starry sky image, or whatever. I had all along the left side were apps and folders, and it was a little chaotic. Already, when my computer comes on, it seems so much more calming to me and so much more – I feel organized and ready to start my day, rather than seeing 80 million tabs open.


[00:31:15] MB: It’s that reminder that it’s okay to spend – how long did it take you to do all that, to make it –


[00:31:22] KC: Less than an hour. I mean, less than probably 30, 40 minutes, and just because I was indecisive version.


[00:31:29] MB: The PC version, right? You can go to, and you spend, I don’t know, 30 to 45 minutes to an hour on yourself that will continually increase your productivity and reduce your stress level every single day. It’s worth the time. People will like, “Oh, yeah. I know, but this works.” They’re like, “This is fine.” No, but it’s also okay to take time and make it to slightly better. It’s okay to do that. It’s like that reminder that it’s okay to take time, because it’s like, we all have this weird built-in idea that because things are functional, that they’re fine.


Yeah, to an extent, some things are fine like that. You don’t have to upgrade and boujee everything. This is a part of the brain that we’re speaking of that we’re not really – We’re not in full control over. If things just looked too crazy, then your brain is going to start to do things to your mood, and it’s going to affect a lot of areas of your life, that if you would just take this little bit of time to fix this up. There’s no excuses. It’s not like, “Well, I don’t want to pay the fee.” There’s no fee. Well, I don’t want to spend all afternoon doing it. It takes 30 minutes. You didn’t have a graphic designer background, right? Cool.


[00:32:44] KC: Not at all. Not at all. I’m not very tech savvy.

[00:32:48] MB: There’s literally zero excuses why this wouldn’t. I’ve been on Canva. I go on Canva every day, and I just think like – I’m looking at my desktop right now going, “Man. All right. This is what I got to do this afternoon.” Because that’s amazing. They have that much ability to do it and I kid you not, it will change. It will cause you to care a little bit more about other things you didn’t notice. You’re like, “My desktop looks nice. Now, I feel like, I’m going to go,” like we were discussing. “I’m going to go label it, some of the things in the pantry.”


It just might spark that excitement and that interest, and maybe just clean up your life that – like the article that published today, just the habits of making yourself a – like tidying up your life and tidying up your house is all about your habits. Little things that you do, tiny little adjustments like this can really snowball into big changes in your life that really, just you had no idea that looking at the color brown was going to make you feel a certain way.


[00:33:44] KC: My routine, at least, is that I wake up in the morning pretty early and I make myself a cup of coffee. Yes, I know. I should have lemon water, or whatever people think. I make myself a cup of coffee and I go sit down on my computer. I’m still in my pajamas and it’s literally the first thing I see in the morning when I’m just starting to get –


[00:34:01] MB: Yeah. How is the rest of the day going to go if this does work, if you just label the thing work? Or, it’s literally 50 tabs and your first thought is, “Man, I hate what I do.” You know what I mean?


[00:34:15] KC: Or the wallpaper that was built into my computer had no personal attachment to me.


[00:34:22] MB: Right now, mine’s a lake scene to a place I’ve never been.


[00:34:25] KC: There you go. Yeah, it was a starry sky scene. It was fine, but it just wasn’t really –


[00:34:31] MB: You don’t have any personal memories in that span.


[00:34:33] KC: Had no meaning to me at all.


[00:34:35] MB: It was just [inaudible 00:34:36] pleasing.


[00:34:37] KC: Yeah. Now, when I open my computer in the morning, it looks nice and it gives me a little visual representation of what’s needing to happen that day. It doesn’t feel crazy. It feels more organized. It’s really, like you said, doing that small change has motivated me to the rest of my desk and work area to make it less chaotic, because I have an issue with object permanence. If something’s out of sight, it’s also out of my mind. If I put something away, I will forget to go back to it.


I end up with papers and sticky notes and piles all over my desk, because I don’t want to forget about them. What I’ve done that makes it a little bit better for me when I’m sitting down in the morning, and I need a minute. It feels like it’s a – it feels very, I don’t know, like I’m being attacked with my day, in my to-do list. I still have my to-do list. I keep it on the legal pad, and I go through it the day and I switch it over. Now I have colored folders, and they’re green also. It says like, “Urgent projects,” and “short-term projects, long-term projects.” Everything can be put “away.”


[00:35:52] MB: Still seen and still on your mind, but not –


[00:35:57] KC: Not piles with sticky notes all over my desk. Because I can do the digital sticky note on my desktop now. There’s a space for it, and there’s a free app on Microsoft that does digital sticky notes in every color. I also have these folders, where sometimes it’s invoices that I need to go over and pay, or call and dispute. Sometimes, it’s mail that needs to be returned, or just a bunch of stuff.


I put them in these folders, and they’re still right to the side of my desk, so when I am ready to start, I start with urgent and then I go and review short-term, long-term, make sure I’m staying on top of everything. It’s just, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Because sometimes when I sit down at my desk, put that cup of coffee in my desk is an absolute disaster. There’s notes to myself everywhere. Sometimes I scribble notes to myself and the next day, I don’t even understand what I was trying to say. It’ll be like, three pickles tomorrow. I’m like, “What?”


[00:36:49] MB: Yeah. You’re all of a sudden, playing national treasure with your own writing. You’re like, “I think, I meant this. Let’s try.” Yeah. You’re like, “I don’t know why I wrote that, but all right, it seemed urgent.” Yeah, I get it. I feel it’s close to – we all worked from home for a while. Some of us still do. It’s like the version of working in your pajamas, versus getting dressed for the day. Yes, you can still go to work either way, but you’re going to apply your life a little bit better if you put that much more effort into it, or brushing your hair, or not brushing your hair. It just changes everything, when you have a good layout when you’re looking at. Now, we have the ability to do that. That wasn’t around in the 90s, late 90s to have this is ability.


[00:37:35] KC: No. This is relatively new. Yeah.


[00:37:38] MB: My mom would be like, “Dang.” This is the coolest part. It’s just really, really nice. It just takes it that much – that step further. Canva is a great choice to try out, because like you said, you found 80 options. There’s so many different choices.


[00:37:52] KC: That was on the free version. I can only imagine if I had the paid version, how many options there would be.


[00:37:56] MB: Definitely just thousands and thousands and thousands. Yeah. I wouldn’t even recommend anything else, because that’s the best of the best, and they do have a free version of it. I’m definitely going to try it.


[00:38:07] KC: It reminds me a little bit, like years and years ago when my kids were small, and I started having to get them up for school, it was a struggle every morning. If I would set my alarm for five minutes before I had to wake them up, so I was trying to get myself ready and get them ready and drink my coffee and I would end up grouchy and snapping at them, and we were late every day.


[00:38:31] MB: Yeah, you’re late and your coffee is cold and you didn’t eat. Because it’s always you that sacrifices the stuff. At the same time, it’s like, yeah, I feel you.


[00:38:41] KC: Yeah. I was a huge grouch every morning, because I went from sleeping, twitching, there was no buffer. I taught myself and I reset my alarm to wake up 30 minutes before I had to get the kids up, so I could have my cup of coffee in peace and quiet. I could put something on that I could go to school drop-off, without wearing a robe or something. The day you go to school drop-off in your nastiest pajamas is the day that the kids need you to carry something for them, or something falls out of the car. I don’t know. It’s the one day that you have to get out for some reason. It always happened.


[00:39:18] MB: You straight up didn’t wear shoes. You’re like, “I didn’t even bring shoes to the car. Child you figure it out. I’m not going to walk you barefoot to class.” Yeah.


[00:39:26] KC: Yeah, every time. I started waking up 30 minutes earlier. I had always thought, “Oh, no. I need as much sleep as I can possibly get.” I did. That 30 minutes changed my and my kids’ whole morning routine, for their entire school life, to the time they graduate.


[00:39:43] MB: I would even make their lunches the day before, because I always noticed that making lunches the morning of was also 15, 20 minutes that if I could carve out and shift it – it shifted the whole morning, because then like, give me 15 more minutes to drink my coffee. You always have those unexpected emergencies in the morning, like I can only find one shoe, or you got to leave 15 to 25 minutes for the unexpected.


[00:40:08] KC: Oh, yeah. You’re rolling up to school drop-off and you see everybody carrying flowers and you’re like, “What the hell is everyone carrying flowers?” Your kid goes, “It’s Teacher Appreciation Day.” I’m like, “Why didn’t you tell me?” This has always been the way it goes.


[00:40:23] MB: Unexpected. That’s why I started making lunches the night before, because I’m like, “This is the unexpected time.” Because then, I’m looking at you like, “You didn’t tell me it was the 100th day of school, and you need to be dressing like an old person. That’s your bad.” They’re like, “I’m probably the only one.” I hate this stuff. This is my thing.


[00:40:38] KC: Yeah. I always would pack our lunches the night before. I try laying out their clothes the night before, but I have very opinionated, especially my daughter’s extremely opinionated. They would wake up and say, “I don’t want to wear that anymore.” It’s like, “Okay, last night you were dying to wear this. This morning, you hate it. It doesn’t even fit you. Why would you have ever chosen that? It’s scratchy. Oh, my God.” I always leave room for the unexpected BS that comes up.


[00:41:02] KC: Even just that little period of time, where I can have a relaxing cup of coffee.


[00:41:07] MB: You’re a different version of yourself.


[00:41:09] KC: I was a better version of myself for my kids. I was more patient. Me not barking and rushing them, set the tone for their day, so they could have a better day.


[00:41:19] MB: I noticed my kids are different. Emma’s a different vibe of herself when she’s feeding off of my energy in the car, when I’m 10 minutes late and rushing and borderline cursing.


[00:41:31] KC: I don’t know if any mom can relate to this. I’m sure, I’m not the only one. On the mornings that are the worse, it’s just the worst. Everything goes wrong that can go wrong. You’re late to school, you’re barking at your kids. One of them starts crying. Then the drive home after you drop them off, knowing that you dropped your kid off at school in tears, because you lost your patience, is the shittiest feeling in the world.


[00:41:50] MB: Oh, yeah. Definitely is.


[00:41:52] KC: They probably forget it immediately.


[00:41:54] MB: Already forgot about it.


[00:41:55] KC: You, the rest of the day feel the worst mom on the planet. That small change made a huge difference. I feel like now, I mean, I’m in a different situation in my life. Being able to start my day in a way that feels more organized, intentional –


[00:42:09] MB: It feels like when your I – I like to control a little bit, and I feel the day is a bit more –


[00:42:14] KC: A little bit. A little bit, maybe.


[00:42:17] MB: I like to control, and I feel the day is a bit – in the mornings, a bit more in my control, because I don’t know what happens, and you can relate. From the hours of 6 to morning school drop-off, it feels like 15 to 25 seconds. I know there’s two hours there, but I don’t know where it went. This feels like, I can drink my coffee without microwaving it, or I don’t have to sacrifice not eating breakfast this morning. Or, I feel I’m in a bit more control of the day when I have that extra – I’m ahead of the game. Because that time is inevitable. The bell rings at this time, whether you’re in pajamas and a hot mess, or you’re looking like a 10 dropping them off, you got to be to school at that time. If I can wake up just a little bit earlier, that time is for me. That time is so I can eat some breakfast, so I can get dressed, maybe put some makeup on. I feel weird.


[00:43:07] KC: Look like a human. Yeah.


[00:43:08] MB: I feel weird having to wake – having to set an alarm to wake up, so that I can put makeup on, because I’m like, 20-year-old me was going, “What are you doing?” That’s my life now. I don’t feel also, very good about sacrificing completely, because I have kids. I want to be able to feel good about myself and have kids, but I know that’s impossible in the timeframe that I have. I have to find the time.


Just, you feeling really cruddy about, and you’re feeling really flustered, and you’re feeling really overwhelmed, and you don’t know really where it’s coming from. Maybe fixing your desktop, or your iPhone page will not fix everything, but it’s certainly there to help you and it might help some, which will come a lot.


[00:43:52] KC: It does.


[00:43:54] MB: It’s not going to fix life, but it certainly is there to aid you in this crazy thing we have, called life. Utilize it.


[00:44:04] KC: Well, my morning routine, to sit at the computer first thing when I have my coffee is partly, because we do business on the other side of the world, and they are an 11-hour time difference. Sometimes I’m catching them barely at the end of their day as I’m waking up. I’m not on the computer browsing gossip. I’m not doing fun things.


[00:44:20] MB: You’re doing business at a weird time of the day for you, but normal for them.


[00:44:24] KC: Yeah. I sit down at my computer knowing I have some tasks I need to accomplish, while I’m having my coffee. Then I go back downstairs, I walk the dogs, I get dressed. I start my day like a normal human. That morning, if I sit down in my computer with sticky notes everywhere, 50 million emails to handle, I don’t know where to start. I feel really overwhelmed. It sets a bad tone for my day. If I sit down in the computer, the desktop is organized. I have a little, this is urgent list that’s on my – I can handle – 


[00:44:52] MB: You know where to start.


[00:44:53] KC: Right. I just handle just a few things that need to be handled first thing in the morning, and then I go and I make my breakfast. I get dressed. I start my day. The whole tone of the day is more relaxed. I’m better version of myself.


[00:45:06] MB: You can be present at your moments. I feel like, when I’m stressed and I feel I’m too strong out, when I finally forced myself to eat, I’m guilty eating. I’m eating really fast and like, “Oh, I should be doing something else.” When you feel you’ve checked off a lot of boxes, then you can sit down and enjoy your lunch and go like, “This is my time. I deserve this. I’ve worked hard. I deserve to eat lunch, too.” Be there for your moments that you should be there for, because we’re already feeling guilty about as a mom, as an employee, just stopping and taking time for yourself, it already feels weird. I noticed that when I’ve done what I need to get done and I can eat and I feel more valid in that time to eat.


[00:45:50] KC: Yeah. No, it’s the same. When I go back downstairs knowing that my most urgent tasks were handled, I can take the time to make myself a healthy breakfast. I can walk the dogs a little farther and not feel I have to rush back. Go potty, so I can rush back. Let’s just take a nice walk.


[00:46:04] MB: This is the fires have been put out.


[00:46:05] KC: Exactly. Exactly. I feel like, we all love to follow these people on social media. We watch these videos on TikTok, where the person has this super organized house, this super put together life, and they show little clippets of it, and then people love – I know a couple people who have those accounts, and they’re really beautiful to watch. If you watch that and you feel it’s impossible for you to ever achieve that, first of all, that’s not reality, because they have a closet full of – they have a junk drawer. They have a closet full of stuff that they need to do. Their house has little closets and stuff hidden. I promise you.


[00:46:41] MB: Are you telling me, Khloe Kardash – because Khloe Kardashian loves a good organization. Her pantry is beautiful. Everything’s – Are you telling me that there might be a room or two that they don’t go?


[00:46:51] KC: I’m telling you in her garage, she has – in her garage, or her storage room, she has all the Costco packaging that that came in.


[00:46:58] MB: Although, there was an episode where the mom had somebody come, professionally come out and organize her garage, like the bins, professionally organize it. Man, those are my favorite episodes, because I’m just like – Or like, oh, who’s that? Marie Kondo?


[00:47:15] KC: Yeah. Oh, yeah.


[00:47:18] MB: You give it love, and then you set it free or whatever. I thrive on that stuff. It doesn’t overwhelm me. It gives a fire under my butt.


[00:47:26] KC: It’s an aspirational, for sure.


[00:47:27] MB: What am I doing with my life? Some people that go there, they’re like, “Dude.”


[00:47:33] KC: I could never.


[00:47:35] MB: Why would you do this? Why? Because now, I know where things are, and that’s one step closer to me taking a nap one day.


[00:47:43] KC: Yeah. If those are accounts that you love, and that super motivate you, and those are aspirational for you, I feel like, I try, at least whatever my goals are, and my personal life, I try to do things every day that bring me a little closer to the version of myself that I want to be, everybody’s going to be different for everybody.


I feel like, if organizing yourself, or finding a calm peacefulness in the way that your to-do list looks, whatever it is, if you do little tiny tweaks every day that bring you closer to that version of yourself, you will get there. I mean, it’s baby steps, but the progress snowballs.


[00:48:20] MB: It doesn’t have to be a major renovation, but start with your desktop, and then maybe organize your makeup drawer. Maybe at The Container Store, because –


[00:48:29] KC: No, Dollar Tree has some amazing bins.


[00:48:31] MB: – that place is overwhelming. Target Dollar Tree, all those places have great organizational tools. Just organize a portion of your life that you see every day and then watch yourself smile. Then you’ll organize a little bit. Then a month later, you’ll own a label maker. Just watch it. If you try and fix everything at once, you’re going to get so overwhelmed, you’ll quit.


[00:48:54] KC: You’ll give up. Yeah.


[00:48:56] MB: If you just go, “Okay, today I’m going to tackle the bath.” Not even the bathroom. “Today, I’m going to tackle the makeup drawer. Today, I’m going to tackle the pantry. Today, I’m going to tackle the kids’ game closet.” You just start there and you see the end. Because as humans, all we need is to see the end result and see that it works. Because you did it, you applied it. You also know that it works. We need something, finish it, and then apply and then use it in an organized way and see how much better life is for us to want to do it to something else, you know what I mean?


[00:49:28] KC: Exactly. If you live in a house with people who will not respect your organizational system, kick them out and start over. No. Focus first on the areas that only affect you. Like, your makeup drawer.


[00:49:40] MB: Your makeup drawer, your cosmetics.


[00:49:41] KC: Your closet, your desk.


[00:49:43] MB: Or shoes. Because I guarantee you, you’re going to start to see a lot. There’s a lot of apps. There’s a lot of pairs of shoes. There’s a lot of eyeshadow, palettes that you have not used, worn, tried in a while, because you haven’t even seen it, because you’re buried in all these things. I don’t know if this happens to you, but I’ll see an app, like a commercial for an app, and I’ll go to download it, and then I’ll find out, I already own it. I’m like, “Where? I don’t even know where you are.” It’s because, we get inspired to use something, and then it just gets buried. Just like, a pair of shoes you’re talking about.


[00:50:19] KC: Very normal.


[00:50:20] MB: If you have a sense of organization, you might notice that there’s things that you no longer – it doesn’t serve your current purpose in life, an app, a pair of shoes, whatever it is. You can get rid of it and streamline your life more. It’s just going to streamline your brain more.


[00:50:34] KC: When you can find those moments of peace in the areas that are your designated areas, that you have control over. I know, Megan, you’re moving soon. This was one of my biggest things. I moved a lot that, you know that. One of my biggest things when I moved is that rather than unboxing a box here, a box there, this and that, I would focus on getting one room completely finished.


[00:50:56] MB: I remember that.


[00:50:56] KC: So that I had one room I could sit in –


[00:50:59] MB: In solitude and unity.


[00:51:00] KC: Peacefulness. Yeah, one completely – I wasn’t sitting there looking at the chaos, because then, I have no off switch. I will keep unpacking, until I dropped dead. I had to have a room, where I could just sit and feel I hadn’t just moved. This has finished. It saved my sanity, I swear. I think, sometimes just having control over the things that you can control, like if it’s your closet, your makeup drawer.


[00:51:25] MB: I think, it’s easy for us to just assume that we don’t have control over it, when really in reality, there are things that you can apply that you can control, that will help your overall – You got to know yourself. For me, I don’t think organizing my closet by color works, but I feel organizing my closet by type of clothing works better. Because in moments when I’m trying to go and I need a dress, I don’t know if I want a blue dress, or whatever, but I know I need a dress.


For some other people, color coordination helps their brain, it helps their function. Know what works for you, and apply that, and what works for – affirmations as their titles may not work for some people, but they know they need to do some adjustment. Use this as an inspiration to see what works for you. TikTok is a great app to just find similar, but different versions of something. What you found was different ways. You can do it by color, you can do it by this, or that. There’s different ways to organize and to bring and draw organization to your life that is very specific to you as a person. Be open to exploring it and take the time to explore it, because just that small tweak in your desktop, in your just organization in small places in your life is going to – You’ll become a slight, like a 20% better version of yourself. If you have everything 20%, better.


[00:52:58] KC: Yeah. I think, sometimes we don’t recognize how affected we are by our environment, until the environment changes. It’s like, you took a super heavy backpack off your back. Suddenly, it’s so much lighter. When you consider picking that backpack up again, you’re like, “How did I carry that?” I think that for me, I feel like that when I’m in a cluttered, disorganized environment, and I don’t even – I get so used to it, I normalize it. Then once I finally get the energy to fix it, I’m like, “Wow, how did I have that as my normal?”


[00:53:30] MB: I feel like we all get that excitement when we move of like, oh, it’s a new environment. It’s a new start. It’s a fresh start. Why do we need to wait to move to have a fresh start?


[00:53:40] KC: Yeah, you don’t.


[00:53:41] MB: You don’t have to wait for spring to clean. You don’t have to wait to move to reorganize things and readjust how you’re functioning as a person. You can do it any time. So much inspiration.


[00:53:52] KC: I just did my skincare drawer in my bathroom, because I get samples all the time from people that want me to review it for the site, or that come in the mail, or free gift at all, or whatever. I have a whole drawer full of skincare stuff and stuff I’ve bought, I’ve heard about it on TikTok. I got to go to Amazon and buy that. I bought these little drawer bins at Dollar Tree. They were literally a dollar, and then I used my label maker and I labeled them. I have masks. I have moisturizer, cleanser.


[00:54:22] MB: You’re using them probably 20% more now.


[00:54:25] KC: Because before, I was digging through a drawer and holding up, this is mask. No, that’s for hair. Is this this? No. Even when I pack, I grab a trial size of this cleanser, of that moisturizer, so I have a little one. It’s so much easier. It took me, I mean, very little time.


[00:54:41] MB: It will take a little bit of time. It will take a little bit. You’ll have to maybe miss the newest episode of Gossip Girl, or just catch it later. Whatever.


[00:54:49] KC: It cost me probably $5, and it took me probably 20 minutes.


[00:54:54] MB: How much better did you feel? Does it still look good?


[00:54:58] KC: Yes, because it’s –


[00:55:00] MB: You don’t go back to laziness.


[00:55:03] KC: No, because it’s so – the drawer is now filled with bins and the bins are labeled. When I open the drawer to throw something in there, there’s no open space to throw it in. I have to put it in the bin.


[00:55:13] MB: You have no choice, but be organized.


[00:55:14] KC: To put it in the bin it belongs in. Yeah, it’s just so much. It’s a small thing, but it brings me a ton of satisfaction. Those small things make a huge difference. If you have been ignoring something that’s bothering you, we encourage you, now is the time. Whether it’s your desktop, your iPhone, your makeup drawer, just one small step in the direction that you want to go.


[00:55:40] MB: I mean, Canva is free. The things that you’re using are from the Dollar Tree. This is not like, “Oh, I have to go complete – I have to go take out a personal loan to completely renovate my life.” No. There’s ways around it, where it’s just there to make it a little bit better. You’re going to have to look at your screen anyway for work. Why would you want to look at whatever mountain scene that it came with, and then 50 tabs open?


[00:56:05] KC: Or a lot of work computers come with the company logo as the wallpaper. You can do better.


[00:56:09] MB: Or like a giant, super fuzzy image of your kid. It’s like, great, that’s cute. We all love our kids. It’s like, that giant image of your kid, may be a trigger for more stress. I don’t know. I have pictures of my kids, but I’m changing it, because you know what? Their faces sometimes with the apps, I can’t find things sometimes. It’s just too much. Are we just going to Google, and oh, free wallpaper. No, do it with some purpose. Try Canva out. You’ll be so amazed at how aesthetically pleasing it is, and just how – You’ll have a harder time picking out which one to use.


[00:56:51] KC: Yeah. That was the hardest part. That took the longest, honestly. Took the longest for me to choose one, than it did for me to reorganize the whole thing. Also, in the process, I found a lot of folders, files, old pictures I didn’t need on my computer that I put in the recycle bin.


[00:57:08] MB: Exactly. It’s like, if you give a mouse a cookie. I feel like, if you leave your desktop and you organize your desktop, and your desktop’s pretty, but then your drawer in your desk is super messy and crazy, well, how can you have a pretty wallpaper and a pretty computer and this messy surrounding? Then you’ll do that. Then that’ll cause you to clean up this and clean up that. It’s a snowball of good, or not. Start here and end here. That’s fine, too. It’s just, people look at their screens more than anything now. I feel like, that’s where it needs the most attention, because it’s subconsciously causing us a lot of anxiety and stress.


[00:57:46] KC: Yeah, I agree. Yeah, we definitely encourage all of you to explore these options for your phone, or your desktop, or any other aspect of your life that you feel like needs organizing. We would love to hear about what you did, and how it affected you. I think, that’s really interesting and how it’s different for everybody. If you guys want to share that with us, you can comment on the article of this subject, or you can talk about it in the discussion group on Facebook.


Thank you, guys, for joining us. As always, we appreciate every single one of you. We want to remind you to please, give us a subscribe and rate and review this podcast. It helps us tremendously on the algorithms. Thank you, guys, all for joining us, and we will see you next week.


[00:58:26] MB: Bye.


[00:58:27] KC: Bye.




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