December 13, 2021

Podcast Episode #30- Eating Seasonally

seasonal eating

Episode 30: Show Notes

Let’s face it; we should all be eating seasonally, but we love a good frozen pizza every now and then! Making a salad every night, getting the right ingredients, and keeping that bag of spinach in your fridge from wilting just seems too difficult sometimes, which is why we’re talking about eating seasonally, what that means, why it’s important, and how it benefits us, society, and the earth as a whole. We also share some of the fun and exciting ways that you can work with nature to eat what is best for you (and your wallet), including visiting your local farmers’ market with the family, growing your own herbs and vegetables, and experimenting with new ingredients and recipes. You’ll also find out how eating seasonally can help you lower your carbon footprint, increase your anticipation for some of your favorite produce, and even help you relax and destress, as well as get you to look forward to eating a more ‘plant-forward’ diet! For all this and more, make sure not to miss today’s episode with Kelly Castillo and Megan Block!

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Do You Eat Seasonally? It Could Actually Really Improve Your Health

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why seasonal eating can be difficult in a world where you can get anything on demand.

  • The anticipation and excitement that eating seasonally can create.

  • A reminder that the seasons change for a reason; why we should eat like our ancestors.

  • The nutritional (and financial) benefits of eating local, seasonally grown produce 

  • Megan shares her love for farmers’ markets and supporting local businesses.

  • How eating seasonally is an easy way to lower your carbon footprint.

  • Kelly and Megan discuss some of their favorite seasonal produce, like heirloom tomatoes.

  • How eating seasonally allows us to connect with nature and what is right for our bodies.

  • Our advice: ask the vendors at your local farmers’ market about what is seasonal.

  • How eating seasonally helps combat food waste, which is a huge problem in the US.

  • Why we suggest growing your own herbs and vegetables, even in an urban setting.

  • Kelly shares how working in her vegetable garden helps her relax.

  • How Kelly’s garden and animals serve her community as well as her own family.

  • Megan emphasizes the fact that that it’s about trying to eat seasonally as much as you can, not being perfect 100 percent of the time.

  • How supporting local farmers’ markets helps bolster the US economy.

  • Why Kelly believes that we vote with our wallets more than we do in the voting booth.

  • Megan highlights the value of experimenting with new ingredients; it’s fun and delicious!

  • How eating seasonally can help you to start eating a more ‘plant-forward’ diet.

  • Why we suggest starting with what you like to eat and trying new recipes.

  • Take your kids to the farmers’ market too; proper nutrition starts early!


“The seasons change where you live for reason. Going back in time to caveman times, we ate what was available to us seasonally, and that’s really what benefited our bodies at that time of year. When we don’t listen to nature, we tend to pay the price for that.” — Kelly Castillo [0:04:59]

“When you mindlessly shop, then you’ll mindlessly waste.” — Megan Block [0:24:36]

“If at all possible, look into growing some of your own food. At the very minimum, it will give you a deeper appreciation for the produce that you purchase and what had to go in to create that, the labor costs of that, because it’s significant.” — Kelly Castillo [0:27:45]

“If you are supporting [local farmers], then they get to keep their job, and feed their families, and keep their farm running. If we only bought things from South America, then it just wouldn’t help our local markets. I think that’s something that’s super important to do.” — Megan Block [0:37:05]

“Whether you’re buying clothing or a piece of fruit, we vote with our pocketbook more than we vote in the voting booth. The way that we make an impact on things that are important to us are by spending in a way that aligns with our values.” — Kelly Castillo [0:39:35]

“Nutrition is big and it starts early. If we’re mindlessly eating and shopping, they’re going to mindlessly eat and shop. Bring your kids [to the market] and let them experience it and let them pick the fruits and vegetables out and have them ask questions.” — Megan Block [0:50:59]

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