February 7, 2022

Podcast Episode #36- New U.S. Quarters

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Episode 36: Show Notes

In January 2022, rolls of shiny new quarters began making their way across the United States, minted with historic new imagery: renowned writer and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou; physicist and astronaut, Dr. Sally Ride; the first female Cherokee Nation chief, Wilma Mankiller; suffrage movement leader, Nina Otero-Warren; and Hollywood’s first Chinese American actress, Anna May Wong. These are the first women that the US Mint is recognizing as part of its American Women Quarters Program, a series that will issue up to five quarters annually between 2022 and 2025 to recognize pioneering American women and their contributions to history. In this episode, we discuss why these new quarters are so significant, particularly for young women and girls in the US, and the opportunity that our currency offers us to say something about our country, our values, and the progress we have made. We also touch on the backlash this decision has received, dive into the story behind each woman represented on the new quarters, and the types of conversations that we hope these coins will spark, as well as the importance of making a positive impact, no matter how small! If, like us, you’re into history, politics, and feminism, you’re sure to enjoy today’s episode!

Read The Full Article Here:

New U.S. Quarters Will Feature 5 Notable Women

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The impact of these historic new quarters for young women and girls.

  • Why this marks a significant time in history and the shift we’ve seen since we were kids.

  • Some of the backlash that the decision to put women on quarters has received.

  • How to customize your currency by choosing a personalized design for your credit card.

  • How The Who Was? Show helps Megan’s kids learn more about history.

  • Kelly explains how the US Mint decided on these five women with the Smithsonian Institute’s American Women’s History Initiative.

  • The opportunity that our currency offers to say something about our values and progress.

  • Learn more about Anna May Wong, Hollywood’s first Chinese American film star.

  • We dive into the history behind Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.

  • Insight into the inclusion of Maya Angelou, who Kelly calls “the poet of our hearts.” 

  • Find out about Wilma Mankiller, the first female principal chief of the Cherokee Nation.

  • Why we’re excited about the inclusion of a Native American woman.

  • The important political contributions made by Hispanic suffragette, Nina Otero-Warren.

  • We reflect on the weight of responsibility that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen must have felt in making these choices for the quarters.

  • Literally holding change in your hands; the conversations we hope these coins will spark.

  • How making a positive impact, no matter how small, can be important and significant.

  • We encourage listeners to share who they would have chosen on our Facebook group!


“This is a huge step in the right direction. Hopefully, that bill or act to replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman [on the $20 bill] will happen, because that would be really cool.” — Kelly Castillo [0:10:00]

“They didn’t have to stop at those five [likenesses]. There are so many incredible women in history. If you were going to replace the currency, who would your personal choices be?” — Megan Block [0:12:35]

“Hopefully this helps people, even Americans who may not be as familiar with all five of these women, to go on Google and look up this person and see who [they are] and read about it and be interested.” — Kelly Castillo [0:21:49]

“Including certain communities is still a great step forward, but you have got to try your absolute best to include all communities; especially communities who get continually ignored.” — Megan Block [0:28:05]

“[This] will spark, hopefully, a lot of cool conversations within families and within communities. You’re holding your change in your hand. It’s right there to talk about.” — Kelly Castillo [0:31:08]

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The Who Was? Show

American Women’s History Initiative

National Women’s History Museum

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