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No Fuss Fourth of July Style

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Fourth of July is nearly upon us and can leave many of us standing in front of our closets contemplating what to wear- how do we look appropriately festive, without going full cheese? No need for the American flag bikini or Old Navy annual tee of the 90’s (although this year’s purple shirt is kind of awesome), it’s perfectly possible to throw together a chic and minimalist outfit to celebrate our nation’s independence without looking like Martha Washington or Lil Kim. I promise.

We all know the color scheme obviously- red, white and blue. Let’s not go full stars and stripes, everyone will get what you’re going for, they know what holiday it is. You can’t go wrong with starting with white jeans. That’s a nice, clean palate to build an outfit around. Just beware the day typically involves popsicles, bbq sauce, and watermelon… they may not stay white for long. You also can’t go wrong with Summer’s long time staple- the little white dress. Clean, elegant and ever in fashion.

Most people have navy in their wardrobe, even if red isn’t their style. But if you do have a cute red statement top, now would be the time to rock it. If not, a navy top would do the trick. Is everything navy in your closet too officey? Then go for a denim shirt with white jeans, a classic Americana look that most everyone has in their closet.

Whatever color you’ve chosen as the star of the show, choose the opposite one for accessories. And subtle is the key. A bandana or scarf on your neck, hair, or purse strap is plenty. Or some dangly earrings in blue stones would be lovely. If you’ve got white jeans and a denim shirt, a red belt would really pop.

Play with what is already in your closet- you’ll be comfy and chic.

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