Wondering Which National Park To Visit Next? Go On A Hike and We’ll Have the Answer

1. Let’s start with the basics -- why do you want to go hiking?

2. What is a must have for your trip?

3. How have you prepared?

4. What’s an essential hiking snack?

5. What’s the essential drink?

6. What are you doing before the hike?

7. Do you stay on the trail or go off?

8. What pictures are you taking?

9. When it comes to the nature of hikes, what do you gravitate to the most?

10. Are you spending the night on your hike?

11. What’s the first thing you’re doing when you get back from your hike?

Which National Park Should You Visit?
You should visit the Grand Canyon!

You’re big on the classics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the basics. You admire the beauty that can only be found in nature and you love a challenge. While you often go with the crowd when it comes to decision making, you know your own voice and you make it heard, too.
You should visit Hot Springs National Park!

You value self care more than most people -- and why shouldn’t you? While some national parks allow guests to hike in rough terrain, you like the option of getting pampered by nature. At your core, you’re a stop and smell the roses gal … or a stop and steep in some hot springs!
You should visit Death Valley National Park!

You’re in for a challenge of the elements. Otherwise known as the hottest, driest, and lowest national park -- Death Valley is a park for the thrill seekers. The park has a myriad of options whether you want to hike through canyons, enjoy uncharacteristically alive wildflowers, laze around in sand dunes, or view the Salt Creek. This park has it all.
You should visit Joshua Tree National Park!

You value the resilience and beauty that comes from persevering through tough times in life. While the main focus of the park is the trees ~obviously~ the clear and vast skylines are also impossible to miss. Not to mention the otherworldly experience you might encounter out in the desert.
You should visit Redwood National Park!

You love nature almost as much as you love the beautiful Instagram pictures that are going to come out of this trip! Sometimes you just want to get away from the real world and escape and this park lets you. Under the protection of a thousand tall trees, you can’t help but be fully immersed into nature!
You should visit Sequoia National Park!

Sometimes you need to go somewhere to get perspective and Sequoia National Park is a wonderful option! While the trees might give you a humble feeling, this park offers opportunities to hike, picnic, and relax -- a beautiful hodge podge of all you might want to do in nature!

Which National Park are you? Are you going to visit? Share your results in the comments!

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