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My Obsession With My Apple Watch

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So for Christmas in 2017 my daughter wanted an Apple watch. I thought it was kind of ridiculous because, to me, it seemed redundant if you have an iPhone. Especially for her, she was 19 at the time and her phone was literally in her hand every second of the day. So what was the point? But she hardly ever gives us good gift ideas so we bought her an Apple watch for Christmas and she was thrilled.

Lo and behold, I found her using it all the time in so many cool ways. I was intrigued! Suddenly her phone was no longer on the table with us at dinner and out at restaurants or at events. When we would be driving in her car, her phone was now tucked away safely in her purse. Plus she was telling me how her watch had made her want to work out more to “close her rings”- I had her show me all the ways she used it and suddenly it didn’t seem silly to me anymore. I’m sure y’all can guess what happened next. I wanted one for myself.

So Valentine’s Day 2018 Alex bought me a Hermes Apple watch. I put it on right away and I’ve only taken it off to charge it lol. I am SO obsessed with the thing, I honestly don’t know what I did without it. And anytime I go to an event and am seated next to a stranger who happens to be wearing we one, we instantly bond over our love of the Apple watch. I’ve since bought one for my younger daughter as well. I buy different bands and now I have a whole jewelry box full of them, I buy them from designers like Louis Vuitton and Hermes but also from Amazon and Apple.

Here is how I use mine:
  • I track my daily steps and movement- it goes beyond the pedometer type step tracking by actually tracking my heartrate and movement to tell me how much actual activity my body is getting and setting goals for me to be more active, motivating me to achieve them by giving me visual cues aka my “rings”
  • I track my sleep, not just how many hours I sleep per night, but the actual quality of my sleep, how many minutes of REM sleep I’m getting and I keep notes to see how what I’m eating. drinking, and doing during the day effects my sleep quality. I use the Pillow app in conjunction with the watch.
  • I can discreetly check my incoming calls and texts by glancing at my watch when I’m at an event or at the dinner table without pulling out my phone, allowing me to stay “present” with the people I’m with. If it’s not my kids or an emergency, I don’t pick it up.
  • When I am driving, I use the turn by turn directions on my watch rather than on my phone or dashboard. My hands are already on the wheel, in clear view, so I never need to look away while I’m driving. Plus it gently vibrates when a turn is coming up so I never miss my street.
  • Outdoor Run/Walk Stopwatch- I track my daily walks and runs with the dogs on the built in stopwatch for these activities so I know exactly how long I’ve been out on the trail and what my pace is.
  • I don’t like to sleep with my phone next to my bed because it’s hard for me to put it down and go to sleep at a reasonable hour, there always feels like one more email to send or one more thing to check. But now I am comfortable plugging it into the dock in the next room because I know if there’s an emergency and one of the kids is trying to call or text me urgently in the middle of the night, my watch vibrations will wake me and I won’t miss the call.

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