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My Nightly Skincare Routine

I hate to admit this, I know you guys are gonna give me a lot of shit about it and rightly so. Well into my late 30’s, my evening skincare routine consisted of… nothing. Like zero, zip, zilch. Not even washing my makeup off. Not even a sad lonely makeup wipe. Nada. It pains me to say that now because I agree that it’s terrible, that you should NOT go to bed with all your makeup on and all the pollutants from the environment left on your skin, but I am by my nature an incredibly lazy person and that is just fact.

But late in my 30’s it became obvious that time was no longer a friend to me, crows feet and under eye circles had moved in as permanent residents. I was now a person who officially needed a skincare “regimen”. Maybe even professional help. I consider myself lucky that I have never had problem skin, even as a teenager I never had more than the occasional pimple. I wouldn’t say my skin is oily or dry or anything other than just plain old skin. It covers my bones and that’s it’s job, right? It keeps my insides, inside. I have been told that it’s thin and that is probably true because I bruise and scrape very easily so I try not to ever use anything harsh. I recently developed an “age spot” on my face which I am going to address in a post with my dermatologist next month, but I am pretty sure she’s going to tell me that it means I am officially elderly.

Since I don’t have any areas of particular concern other than being old af, I don’t feel like I need to spend a fortune on skin creams and potions. I know I need to keep my skin clean, moisturized, and use some type of acid-ish product for cell turnover or whatnot. I am NOT a scientist people. So I have tried a ton of random shit- sometimes it’s gifted to me, sometimes I like the packaging or read a stellar review and sometimes it shows up and I can’t even tell you where or how.

Somehow for the last few months, I have stuck to a particular skincare routine at night and it seems to be having a pretty positive impact. It’s simple. My skin feels good and not sticky and goopy. If I travel and get out of routine for a few days, all hell doesn’t break loose. So basically, I am very happy with what I am currently doing and that’s a big deal for me. I thought I would share it with you in case you’ve been looking for some new products. All are budget friendly as well.

First thing,

I tie my hair back with one of these cool hair tie thingys. It doesn’t leave a ponytail bump or crease in my hair if I’ve just had a blow out and keeps me from getting product in my hair.


I wash my face. Most days I don’t really wear makeup. Just tinted sunscreen and some foundation powder. So a micellar based makeup wipe will do the trick. If I have been to an event or had a photo shoot that day, then I will use a microfiber face cloth and micellar water to get all my makeup off. Since I have eyelash extensions, I use a special foam cleanser that I get from my lash extension provider.

Step three,

I go over my skin one more time with a glycolic acid cleansing pad with witch hazel (I keep these in my beauty fridge and they feel SO nice on the skin). I tend to get dark spots and also have larger pores on my nose and I feel like these wipes have helped with both of these issues. Plus I’m always shocked how there’s still some grime they take off even though I JUST washed my face.

The same brand also makes a stronger pad specifically for nighttime but so far I’ve been too much of a wimpy baby to try it, so if anyone orders it and has a great experience, let me know. I love the normal ones and my skin has not had anything but positive effects so it should only be extra amazing, right?


I kept hearing about Korean skin care products being the holy grail and I was dying to try some of this fountain of youth goodness for myself, but didn’t know where to start. Everyone was basically telling me that you could get all the benefits of the gazillion dollar skin creams for much less. I was intrigued, but totally intimidated. And then I read a BuzzFeed article that recommended a specific Korean brand with a super silly packaging design, but out of this world results. The price was reasonable enough for me to give it a try and not be bummed if it didn’t live up to they hype. Well ladies… it does.

So I use the Hell Pore Control hyaluronic acid serum very lightly as needed, mostly just under my eyes, between my eyebrows and a little on my chest- areas of the most concern for me. Then I apply the Elastic Retinol Cream all over my face (you don’t need very much). I smooth it in with my fingertips and hit the bed. Done.

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