Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Having been a mother for nearly 25 years now, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what moms want for Mother’s Day. If the kids are small which means the every day demands are BIG, we want peace and quiet… maybe a spa day… or at the very least for Daddy to take them to the movies so we can pick the decapitated Barbie heads out of the bath and have ourselves a bubble bath that we don’t have to share with no little fingers poking under the door and no little voices asking when we will be done and spoiling the moment. If the kids are big which means they’ve either left home already or they barricade themselves in their room and we see their laundry and dishes more than we see their faces, we would love to see their faces… and not buried in a phone’s blue glow. But their actual eyes… looking at us, having a conversation with actual words not grunts (remember when they wanted to tell you absolutely everything about everything? 100 details about a fire truck they saw that day or a bug they found on the playground that you pray is not still in their pocket? and now it’s all “how was your day?” “Fine”)

So if you’re a parent then you know that your mom deserves her own private island, or at the very least a tropical vacation. But since that’s probably not in the cards this year, here are some ideas that may be a wee bit more practical.


Jo Malone London Silk Blossom Cologne
This limited edition perfume bottle for Spring looks as pretty sitting on her vanity table as it smells. And who doesn't love that?
Tree of Life Necklace
This tree of life necklace can be customized with the birthstones of your family and makes for the perfect personalized gift for a mother or grandmother.
Lunya Washable Silk Robe
This 100% washable silk robe is the perfect weight and length to get you through Spring and Summer, plus the elasticized cuffs are so convenient for cooking or washing up. Comfortable and practical... I may never take this off... like ever. So if you see me wearing this in public, don't stare.
Carolyne Roehm, Design & Style
I can't wait to get my hands on Carolyne's newest book, I have all her others. She's basically who I would aspire to be if I had my crap together and was an entirely different type of person lol. I live vicariously through her amazing parties and clothes and floral designs! Any of her garden or floral books would be a great gift paired with flowers or gardening tools for the aspiring gardener or lover of flowers for sure. This one is great for the mom with fab, elegant style!
Mackenzie Childs Teapot
So here's the thing about a Mackenzie Childs piece, you only need one signature piece in your kitchen or maybe two coordinating pieces (a cookie jar or sugar bowl would compliment this nicely- see Christmas is already done, you're welcome) and your whole kitchen is like instantly FAB. Go check out Rachel Parcell's Instagram feed if you don't believe. And you don't even have to like tea. Honestly, there are more practical teapots out there (Hello Breville, I see you). This is all about the checks baby... Like a statement piece for your kitchen. Just trust, all her book club friends will know and will be like ooooooohhhhhhh.....
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