I’m Not Tired, You’re Tired

I am one of those people who needs her sleep- like 7 to 8 hours or I am a total waste of space, a zombie, a huge grouch and I feel basically hungover. I didn’t used to be like this. When my kids were babies and I was young, I lived for basically over a decade on a few hours a night with no problem. How did I manage that? I have no idea. Youth is totally wasted on the young. But now in my 40’s, sleep is like the most precious resource and I hoard it like Gollum with his ring from Lord of the Rings. It’s “my precious” and no one and nothing will take it from me.

So then, when I am cozy in my favorite pajamas, laying on clean, freshly pressed sheets and tucked in, lights off, head on the pillow… why is it sometimes, can I just… not shut my damn brain off? I will be SO ready for bed, craving sleep, the house is finally, blissfully quiet… no one asking me for anything, and yet… my mind is racing. Did I email that person back? Did I remember to put Gabi’s stuff she needed for tomorrow in the dryer? Did I mail that check? Oh my gosh, is it so-and-so’s birthday this week? Are the dogs due for their shots? It’s been a while since we had the carpets cleaned, how often are we supposed to do that? I wonder how long hippos live? Do you think my chickens are happy with their lives? I wonder if I’m doing enough? Like for everyone in my life? I could be doing better, right? And on and on…

So I have done tons of research and learned some tricks. I would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments because I am sure, like me, you have these nights as well. But here are some of the products I swear by and some of the products I would like to try:


Lectrofan Sound Therapy Machine
If being in a new place, a partner's snoring or sleep apnea machine,or new noises may be keeping you awake- this "white noise" machine might be your answer. This machine has been helping people sleep since the 1960's with lots of white noise options and a sleep timer if you don't want it to run all night.
Fitbit Activity Tracker
Not sure what exactly the problem is, just know that you're waking up exhausted every morning and desperate for answers? Invest in a Fitbit and wear it specifically for it's sleep tracking abilities and you may get the answers you seek. It'll tell you how often you're tossing and turning or getting up at night. You may find you're needing more help falling asleep or maybe staying asleep is the problem...
Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask
If you like total darkness but your partner needs the light on, this may be the solution to help you get to full REM sleep. This is also a lifesaver if you have a sleep partner who gets up or comes to bed at a different time than you. Plus this sleep mask comes in so many cute designs, you'll want to add it your pajama routine.
Love Wellness Lights Out
This all natural sleep aid combines all the powerhouse herbal supplements to pack the ultimate punch in helping calm restless minds and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Combining magnesium as a natural calming agent and muscle relaxer, valerian root to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, and melatonin, a natural sleep hormone, this is a powerful but still completely natural medication. These pills are vegan but talk to your doctor if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.
Dodow Metronome Light
If medication's not your style, this light based sleep aid acts as a guided meditation, matching your inhales and exhales to the pulsing lights it projects on your ceiling until you gently fall asleep in an 8 or 20 minute cycle.
This Works Deep Sleep Bath Oil
This award winning bath oil may be on the pricey side for a bath product, but like the name implies, it WORKS. Every time I use this (and I save it for emergencies) I literally crawl from my tub to my bed and curl up under the covers and fall soundly asleep. With lavender, vetivert and chamomile, it smells divine and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth- it's spa strength essential oils melt away tension and stress like magic. NOT SAFE FOR PREGNANCY.
Sharper Image Weighted Blanket
Many people with anxiety, restless leg syndrome, or other sleep disorders swear by weighted blankets. The comfort of a soft, weighted blanket (choose one about 10% of your body weight) can ease your tossing and turning and lull you to sleep faster and help you stay asleep longer. Plus they are super soft and cozy!
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