Home Fragrance 101

Let’s talk home fragrance! Maybe it’s something you don’t give that much thought to, but in my house it’s kind of a BIG deal. My hubby has a crazy acute sense of smell. Plus we have a ton of pets, like an unreasonable number, a horse stable, a big house with lots of rooms that aren’t used that often and add it all up and the house has the potential to get kinda musty or funky. Nobody wants that. So here are some of my top tips on home fragrances and some of my favorite brands.


home fragrances 101
jo malone lime basil candle

JO MALONE Lime Basil and Mandarin Luxury Candle

This MASSIVE Lime Basil & Mandarin candle is like seriously huge and makes a bold statement. It’s kind of a showpiece and is meant for the center of a table or counter, like a master bathroom counter or hallway counter where it will be the statement. When lit it will scent a large area, like probably 1200 square feet? And this size only comes in a few scents, so commit to it. It’s fresh and clean smelling, I personally love it for the master and bath or guest wing of the house but it could easily be a whole home scent. If you’re coming to stay with someone as a long term house guest, this makes the perfect hostess gift.

Available Here

DIPTYQUE Jasmine Scented Candle

There’s a reason you see Diptyque candles burning in the finest hotel and restaurant bathrooms and on the counters of the hippest boutiques, these candles are the most luxuriously scented and their scents linger for a long time, like an expensive perfume. Plus there’s a certain elite-ness to having a Diptyque candle on display, like a status symbol of sorts. They are the finest candle. The scent is so perfectly done and once blown out, the scent just lingers softly on the air in the nicest way. Delicious!!

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aera smart diffuser

AERA Smart Diffuser

If you aren’t home during the day or are uncomfortable with leaving candles burning, this little wowza of a contraption has got you covered! This diffuser and the capsules that you can purchase for it (I use lavender), are controlled by an app on your phone and can be set up on a schedule to release essential oils into the air at regular intervals. I have this outside my son’s room (he has cats) and it has done wonders to alleviate the pet odor issues we were having.

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reed diffuser

I find these oil diffusers to be more decorative than functional, but I do still use them. They work great initially, but seem to lose their effectiveness over time. I find it helps to periodically flip the sticks over and that will sort of reinvigorate the scents? But still, well before the liquid evaporates, the scent is basically undetectable.

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BYREDO Room Spray Bibliothèque

Byredo is another fantastic home fragrance and perfume brand I love. Regardless of what brand you prefer, a room spray is a must. Keep on on the lid of the toilet in the guest bathroom (no one wants to leave the bathroom stinky for the next person). These are also great for lightly spraying on your linens as you are making your bed, assuming you don’t add a linen water to your iron or press. You can add a spritz directly into the dryer if you prefer and the whole load will smell divine when the towels or linens come out, it depends how you like your scent level. I kind of spritz the fitted sheet as I fluff it across the bed and that’s all I need. Room sprays can also be used (lightly and from a distance) to refresh wool rugs and some fabric furniture.

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Remember to keep your fragrances in the same scent family or separated by area so you don’t have contrasting scents all over your home. This includes the scents you clean with so take those into consideration. I stick with lavender cleaning products and so I generally stay in the floral and citrus family with the single exception of my husband’s bar where he keep tobacco scented candles. I’d love to hear any of your tips and favorite finds for home scents as I am always looking to discover new brands.

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