Twist On the Typical Graduation Gift Guide: Tweaking Your Gifts for the New Normal

This year’s seniors have missed out on a lot- senior year festivities, graduation parties, the graduation ceremony, everything they worked so hard for the last few years. They deserve to be recognized for their accomplishment and so I’ve pulled together some great gift ideas that are still appropriate given our current circumstances and the world environment. They may have an uncertain future, not knowing if they will attend college in person in the Fall, or looking for a job in this time of record high unemployment. But let’s focus on celebrating their victory today (and please, please, please NO cards or notes referencing the coronavirus- they want to celebrate without the reminder).

Here are my recommendations:



college graduate gift guide

For The High School Graduate


1. Boll & Branch Bedding Set

bedding set

If your teen IS going to a dorm next year, this luxe sheet set comes in a Twin XL which is standard dorm sizing. If they just need to upgrade their old My Little Pony sheets, this is still the right gift. These sheets and duvets are incredibly soft, feel like the most luxurious hotel bed you’ve ever stayed at, and are (of course) machine washable. Bonus- the company is donating 10% of all proceeds to Coronavirus victims. 

Available Here


2. Apple AirPods Pro

airpods pro

Whether they are blasting their music (or TikTok videos) too loud at home or they’re headed to a dorm with a possibly less patient roommate, they need some headphones for privacy and noise cancellation. These AirPods are the best and will win you cool points for sure. Plus they are engravable with any sweet congratulations message you want to add. 

Available Here


3. MacBook Air

macbook air

If classes might be going online for Fall, this is a must. If not, this is still a must. Every college bound teen needs a reliable computer and this is the best priced MacBook on the market. They will be ready for Zoom meetings, class projects, and whatever gets thrown at them. If this is outside your budget, consider buying an Apple store gift card and contributing towards one with other family members doing the same!

Available Here


4. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

This backpack is one of the most popular among college kids, it holds a ton of stuff including a 13″ laptop (see above) and is super comfortable to carry between classes all day or while riding a bike to work or traveling. Whatever your teen’s after graduation plans, this backpack can take them there- available in a ton of colors and unisex.

Available Here


For the College Graduate


1. Drinkworks Home Bar

drinkworks home bar

Who knows when bars will open back up or when we will feel comfortable cramming into them, so give your grad a bar right in their own apartment. This machine by the makers of Kuerig mixes and dispenses cocktails at the push of a button- so cool! It also looks sleek and modern on a counter or bar cart. I got one for my daughter and she loves to entertain and show people how it works.

Available Here


2. Cookware

cast iron pan baking pan set

Has your graduate been experimenting with cooking or baking more while they’ve been stuck at home? Equip them with some gear that will stand the test of time. Consider a cast iron pan which they will keep for a lifetime or if they are more of a baker, gift them a solid baking pan set. Just make sure you include a cherished family recipe to make the gift even more personal.

Pan Available Here

Baking Set Available Here


3. Coffee or Juice Maker

coffee maker

Have they been commenting how they’ve saved so much money making their coffee drinks or smoothies at home with you during quarantine? Well, if they’re moving back to their own place or into their first place, gift them a top shelf coffee maker or smoothie blender so they can continue saving everyday. This 9-cup coffee maker is one of the most highly rated and they can use any fresh ground coffee they choose (most young people don’t like Keurig brand because of the waste created) and this smoothie blender will have them out the door to work super fast in the mornings.

Coffee Maker Available Here

Smoothie Blender Available Here


Gifts That Work for Both


1. Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket

All our graduates are facing unprecedented stress and an uncertain future, they can use all the help relaxing and sleeping as possible. A weighted blanket has been found to help with anxiety, create better sleep conditions, and create a feeling of calm and safety. This one is particularly highly rated and the cover is machine washable.

Available Here


2. Money

leather wallet

You can never go wrong giving money or a check to a graduate- they have loans to pay off, things to save up for, plenty to spend it on. But it feels so impersonal, right? Make it a little more fun by putting it in a nice wallet or money clip or consider attaching it or hiding it in a money tree that they can keep (plants are very popular among teens and twenty somethings)

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