21 Irresistible Porch Decor Pieces That Will Make Every Day Feel Like Fall

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For those of you still hanging on by a thread, it’s time to pack it in — it’s officially fall. We already found some interior decor pieces and Practical Magic-inspired decor to bring in the season, but you can’t forget about decorating your front porch, too!

Be it pumpkin welcome mats or black cat wind chimes, these simple decor additions to your home’s exterior are perfect additions to your hot coffee, porch-reading mornings.



Pumpkins are a no-brainer, but I’ll let you in on a little secret — use fake pumpkins and you don’t have to worry about leaving them out too long! (Did I maybe forget my pumpkin last year and maybe walk outside one day to some pumpkin-smelling sludge? Maybe.)


Wreaths are a staple for every season, but you have to change them out to match the weather! Buy one with faux plants and you can use them year after year. Or use these all the time — you do you.


Re-pot your plant bebés into these planters that jive with the weather — warm, cozy, and peppered with burnt oranges and browns.


Am I obsessed with rugs? Yes. Am I obsessed with fall? Yes. And no, I will not apologize for either.

Wind Chimes

Is anything better than sitting on your porch, cup of coffee in hand (or tea, you do you), and the light tinkling of wind chimes prompted by a fleeting fall breeze? Nope.

Welcome Mats

Don’t let guests trudge into your home without wiping off their feet — how can you welcome dirty shoes past the mudroom? (Answer: You can’t.)


Take down your usual “no solicitors” sign and replace it with one that truly speaks to your spirit this season.


Do you have front porch decor ready to go for fall? Tell us in the comments!

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