Warding off Negative Energy in Evil Eye Jewelry

Fashion seems to have it’s focus on the mystical lately and one trend that I’m seeing everywhere is evil eye jewelry. This traditional symbol dating back to 1500 BC is being reimagined in new and modern interpretations for today’s world and let’s be honest, we all need some good juju right about now.The symbol crosses cultural and religious lines and is said to protect the wearer from others’ bad intentions. Think of it as an insurance policy of sorts which makes it a perfect gift for someone expecting or getting married, maybe heading off to a new job or university. 

evil eye jewelry evil eye jewelry

evil eye jewelry evil eye jewelry

Besides the powerful meaning behind the evil eye, I also love how today’s jewelry interpretations can be layered together or with other pieces you might already own. I’ve layered a larger black quartz evil eye pendant necklace with Gorjana’s Madison evil eye coin necklace pictured above.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, wore one late last year on a tour of Africa, and ever since the jewelry world has been exploding with versions of the evil eye amulet. From bracelets and anklets to rings and necklaces, they are everywhere. I gifted one to my daughter for Christmas as she is currently living far from home and I like the idea of her having any extra protection possible, even if it’s just a bit of superstition.

I’ve linked some of my favorite Evil Eye earrings, bracelets, and necklaces below! What are your thoughts on the evil eye trend?


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