6 Delightful And Easy DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

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Remember the good ol’ days when you would work tirelessly for weeks creating your Halloween costume, all so you could show it off to your friends on Halloween night? For some, these days might be long gone or may have never happened at all.

If your child has a unique costume request, or isn’t happy with this year‘s choices, it may be time to consider making one yourself! The task may sound daunting, especially if crafting isn’t your style, but don’t fret. Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I’ve compiled a list of notable mentions to get your creative wheels turning!

DIY Gumball Machine

easy diy halloween costumes

With the help of some pompoms and some wardrobe basics, you can turn a long sleeve top and headband into the cutest gumball machine you’ve ever seen!

Umbrella Jellyfish

easy diy halloween costumes

Who knew that a clear umbrella and some party streamers could create so much fun! This is on the easier side of the DIY options but may hold a problem when it comes to trick-or-treating because of the handle. Nonetheless, it’s completely adorable!

Madeleine Costume

easy diy halloween costumes

This idea is more about finding all of the pieces online and less about crafting things together. If your daughter is a lover of the Madeleine, this is a fun and creative costume to remember!

DIY Corn Costume

It’s corn! This may be the trendiest DIY option on the list and also possibly the cutest. Be sure to save your egg cartons and prepare yourself for cuteness!

Jelly Belly Bean Candy Bag

easy diy halloween costumes

This idea has me laughing and in awe all at once. This is the perfect costume for the kid who likes to be comfortable, or possibly the center of comedic attention. Just be sure to keep any sharp objects away and you’ll be safe from flat beans!

X-Ray Machine

Got a spare Amazon box and some black and white paint? Then you have everything you need for an X-ray machine! Simply try out the design on the box, and paint and pair with a long sleeve black shirt and pants.

These easy DIY kids Halloween costumes are so adorable! Tell us if you’re making your child’s get-up for the big night in the comments!

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