Designer Logo Cuffs

We are seeing more and more logo heavy accessories hitting the scene, this trend is definitely here to stay. Add in the minimalist trend we are seeing lately in jewelry and the logo cuff perfectly combines the two. Chunky, minimal design usually from resin or a light metal and in a solid color with the logo in bold font, this is minimalism at it’s best. Easy to wear, easy to pair, just right for pretty much any occasion.

valentino cuff chanel cuff

At a price point of under $500 across the board, this is one way to jump into high fashion designer accessories in a big statement way without spending a fortune. You’re getting a lot of name recognition for a small investment, at least compared to a purse or shoes. And with potentially more wearability. Because of the durability of these cuffs, this is a piece that could also easily be purchased consignment for big savings.

designer logo cuff

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