This Is The Only Piece Of Cookware You’ll Ever Need

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Clay cookware has become the latest rage in spicing up your kitchen’s look. Whether you are interested in using them for design only, or if you’ve heard of their benefits, here are our top picks.


Benefits of Using Clay Cookware

It is said that clay cookware has many health benefits. For example, you can use less oil since clay cookware circulates steam, keeping the food you’re cooking hydrated. Clay is also a natural alkaline, so it can neutralize food cooked by balancing its PH properties, acting as a natural detox.

Seasoning Your Clay Pots and Cookware

While many store-bought clay dishes are made to be durable, some clay pots and cookware need to be seasoned so they don’t crack. When you have purchased new clay, you will need to season it in order to make sure it will stay safe and won’t break later. If your clay cookware says it is glazed then it is good to go, but if it isn’t, here’s a video on how to season it.

Clay Cookware

Now that you’ve got all the necessary clay cookware info, shop our picks below!


Have you ever used clay pots or other clay cookware? Share your tips and tricks below!

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