Here’s How To Turn Your Cassette Tapes Into Stunning Home Decor

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Cassette tapes are (sadly) a thing of the past. Even though new artists occasionally will release a tape of their new album, there is no real use for them, besides being a collectible. If you have a ton of tapes saved up from your high school or college days, we’ve compiled some fun DIY projects to make them into stunning cassette tape decor!


Cassette Tape LED Lamp

Especially if you have 8 clear cassette tapes, this LED lamp is SO fun and will bring a retro touch to any room in your house. One thing I love about this DIY is that it is insanely easy and can be replicated again and again to make multiple lamps for a space or to be given out as gifts!

DIY Cassette Wall Art

This DIY project also uses 8 tapes but turns them into fun pop wall art. By mounting the tapes on a canvas and painting the tapes the colors of your choice, you’ve turned your old treasures into art for your house!

Cassette Pencil Holder

Nothing is more practical than a pencil holder, right?? This DIY is one of my favorites because it can be so customizable. You can paint the cassettes, use all black, use clear ones or even a mix of both! This one is also sooo easy, just pull out the hot glue gun and get to work!

Cassette Wall

Now, this DIY is only for one canvas, much like the pop art one previously mentioned. But, you could totally take this idea and multiply it so you have an entire wall of cassette tapes. This is my ultimate dream. If you have a blank wall in your home, you can buy a few super large canvases or boards and glue your cassette tapes on them. There are also two ways to do this — with space in between or the tapes right up next to each other. Play around with them and see what looks best!


Do you have a bunch of old cassette tapes? What project do you think you’ll do with them? Let us know below!

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