Working From Bed Just Got Better With These Laptop Trays From Amazon

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I love my bed. One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon is to get all cozy under the covers and binge watch, nosh, and nap. Come Monday morning, I wake up, stretch, reach for my laptop, and check my email from the comfort of the bed. Not great for maintaining work-life balance, but that’s a conversation for a different day. 

The more I work in a prone position, I’ve noticed that laying in bed and typing on my laptop can cause a good amount of neck strain. I already tend to crack my neck as I sleep, and working from bed can make it worse, so I’ve been looking for ways to sit up and create a better little quilt-covered workstation.

Keep scrolling to find the best laptop trays that will have ‘work from home’ transition to ‘work from bed’ or ‘work from sofa’ in no time flat.

Huanuo Laptop Tray

huanuo laptop tray

I’m a sucker for anything with little cubbies, and this laptop tray has spots for your phone, remote, or any other items you’d like to keep close at hand.


Bamboo Portable Desk

wishacc portable bamboo laptop tray

Pretty and sleek, I love how this portable desk can slide under your bed when not in use.


Saiji Laptop Tray

saiji laptop tray desk

This traditional laptop tray has adjustments on both the legs and the tray itself, allowing you to get as comfy as you like. I love the little drawer on the side — while it’s probably meant for your remote or your phone, I’d stock it with M&M’s or Nerds.


AboveTEK Portable Laptop Tray

abovetek portable laptop tray

For those who can’t fathom using your laptop without a mouse, this tray is the answer to your prayers. I love how the sleek little mouse pad slides back under the base when not in use.


Olivia & Aiden Laptop Tray

olivia & aiden laptop tray

Most laptop trays offer a great, solid surface for you to rest your hardware. That’s not always good for your equipment though, so it’s nice to see a tray with cutouts to keep your laptop from overheating.


Foldable Lap Desk w/ Storage

loddie doddie store foldable laptop tray

With plenty of storage space for both snacks and office necessities, this foldable lap desk is great for those who would like a corner office setup…but on your mattress.


Ohuhu Portable Lap Desk

ohuhu portable laptop tray

Working from bed can be a balancing act. Literally. Shift three inches and suddenly you have an iPad in your lap. This lap desk has a handy bumper so your hardware won’t bump into your software.



What’s your favorite way to work comfortably? Do you have a favorite laptop tray already? Share with us in the comments below!

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