May’s Must-Have Top 5 Amazon Finds

top 5 amazon finds may

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seamless face mask
Multi-functional Seamless Face Mask
It seems like we are going to all be wearing face masks/coverings for a while and if you're one of the many, many people who find the traditional over-the-ear masks super uncomfortable or the thick paper or heavy masks hard to breathe in or they fog up your glasses- any of the myriad of complaints people have- this is the face covering for you. It's light, breathable, easy to wear and can be pulled down easy when you get back in your car between errands. Plus there's so many cute styles. I mean, seriously? If we have to wear them, let's keep it fun!
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floral maxi dress
The Perfect Floral Maxi Dress
I've shared this with you on social media before and you've seen me wearing it in plenty of blog posts because I literally have this dress in 3 colors! It's SO comfortable and easy to wear, light, breezy, cute and plus it twirls! I mean, come on?
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hand blender
Stainless Steel Hand Blender
I've been cooking (and eating) SO much this time at home, I've been loving new kitchen gadgets. This little hand blender has come in so handy- I use it to whip up quick sauces, marinades, and salad dressings all right in the little included cup. Or I can make my own smoothie in the morning without dirtying the blender just for one person! It's powerful enough to mash banana and frozen fruit no problem. I love it and it comes in PINK!
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herb scissors
Culinary Multipurpose 5-blade Herb Scissors
I have an incredible herb garden and love using my fresh herbs in my recipes, but chopping them without bruising the leaves and ending up with mashed herbs has always been a challenge, especially with my limited patience. Until now. Who knew a less than $8 gadget could solve a problem this annoying for me? Now I can chop a huge bunch of basil or mint quickly and uniformly without any hassle.
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night pads nip+fab
Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads
I recently added these to my nightly routine (I showed you guys the daily ones back in my everyday skin routine months ago). They are a best seller and a cult favorite for Nip + Fab and I can totally see why! They are 5% pure glycolic acid with added salicylic acid, lactic acid and hyaluronic acid to help refine pores, brighten the complexion and decongest the skin by upping your natural exfoliation process. I use 2-3 times a week and have seen a big improvement in my tone and pore size.
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