Follow These 6 Steps To Turn Your Basement Into A Private Sanctuary

Over the past months, we have all spent more time than ever indoors. During this time, our home has become our safe place, but also it turned into our gym, office, movie theater, restaurant, and much much more. With all this going on, many families and homeowners have been rethinking their home design.

And, if you need more space but you are not too keen to move to another property, you might be looking to make the most of the rooms you already have. The basement – as well as the attic and other storage rooms – are the perfect ones to be transformed. Here are a few tips to make the most of your basement.


Ensure It Is Secure


When designing a new room in your home, safety is all. And, if you have not used your basement for years, if not as a storage room, it is vital to ensure that it is safe and sound. Ideally, a professional company should carry out extensive inspections of your home’s foundations and the basement’s infrastructure.

Repair Issues and Damages


After the initial inspections, you will be able to better understand what structural interventions need to be carried out to restore the room’s wellbeing. For example, a professional Water Restoration company can help you limit and prevent the damages of leaks and flooding. Alternatively, you might need to get in touch with pest control agencies or constructors.

Add Lighting


One of the biggest downsides of turning your basement into a livable room is the lack of natural sunlight. Today, newer basements are located near the garage area, and they might be blessed with a window or two.

However, in the past, these rooms tended to be underneath the ground, meaning that adding lighting is necessary. From lamps to skylights and task lights, make sure there are plenty of light fixtures in the room. Using mirrors can help you create the right light signature.

Invest in a Powerful HVAC System


Another downside common in basements is the lack of fresh air. If you have a few small windows, all you will need to do is open them often. However, if your basement does not have windows, you will need to install a modern and efficient HVAC system that will look after your basement’s indoor air quality.

Bring Nature In


Basements can often feel like boxes and, if you prefer open, airy, and more natural spaces, you will struggle to feel comfortable in your new room. However, there are strategies that can help you make the most of your newly designed room. For example, bringing nature indoors using plants and organic materials can help you create a much healthier environment.

Embrace Minimalism


Basements are not always the most spacious rooms of the house. In turn, designing them properly can make a difference in the overall result. While you should pick a style that is in line with your home decor and matches your preferences, keep in mind how important leaving enough free space is. Styles such as minimalism allow you to keep the whole place clean, airy, and healthy.


Are you going to makeover your basement? Were these tips helpful? Share with us below!

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